Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Janelle's Power Hour

I forgot this was on today and only tuned in for the last 15 minutes.  Janelle is great on the show because she is a true BB fan at heart.  She watches the show, she watches Showtime, she watches the live feeds, and she scans all the message boards.

This is Janelle's dog Mr. Bear.  He was just a little puppy when she was Season #6.
Otherwise the show is kind of hard to listen to---some of the people who call in are just so damn stupid.  They ask the same questions over and over and always want to give a shout out to their chat rooms.

In order to win a T-shirt signed by Janelle, she asked a trivia question about who in her season America had to choose from to vote back in the house.

Two retards in a row couldn't answer the question...and those fucktards were on the internet!  They could have looked it up!

Janelle mentioned that on BB6, she and James talked about Diane from BB5.  They said she was unattractive and wasn't pretty enough for Drew.  She said she apologized to Diane while they were on AllStars, but Diane refused to accept the apology because she didn't think it was sincere.  They never trusted each other and Diane paid the price. (She did accept James' apology, however.)

Janelle's Point:  What you say in the house about other seasons could mess up your game in AllStars.

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