Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Kathy's Turn

in the HOH.  Rachel immediately starts talking about Britney.
Rachel likes Britney, but doesn't know if she trusts her.

Kathy:  You shouldn't trust her.

Rachel brings up that Britney is "in everybody's ear" and that she is not necessarily a great competitor, but is a "good mind-fuck competitor".  They both agree that Monet is a tough competitor.

Kathy brings up the fact that "those girls"  (Britney and Monet) are a little too good to help out with the cooking and cleaning like everybody else.

Rachel:  I hate cleaning, too but I had to do it!

They discuss how different Andrew is, and how he is ostracized for it, but that they don't know if they can trust him, and what his motives are.  Rachel says that Brendon has been "wrong about two people" and she realizes this.  (Annie and ???)

Rachel told Kathy that she was safe, "obviously".  I think the "Have Nottie" bond is important to Rachel.  Rachel doesn't even want Monet to come up there and be fake---she doesn't even want to hear it.  She hesitates to put Britney up next to her, since she thinks Monet will be evicted before her, and then Britney may be her enemy at that point.

Rachel feels the house splitting in camps.  Rachel is snacking constantly during her meetings with Britney and Kathy.  Fruit mostly, but something we might need to keep an eye on.  That BB snacking will get you.

Kathy is thrilled that Rachel won, especially due to Annie's comments that were just made about Rachel being dragged through the game by Brendon.

Rachel thinks that the nomination meeting could take place any minute so she wants to talk to a few other people.  When things calm down, Kathy wants to come up and listen to Rascal Flatts.

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