Friday, July 16, 2010

It Happened. It Hurts.

and Britney and Monet have been bawling.

They both expected, it, but it still hurts.  Even in her grief, Britney finds the time to insult Kristin, and Rachel's crotch, which is apparently on display 24/7.

Britney:  OK, so I won't see Rachel's pap smear every day.

Britney says that she misses her life, her family, he friends.  Monet went into the kitchen and accepted a shoulder pat from Ragan.  The two of them might go outside, but right now there is still a lockdown.

Monet is kind of pacing around, sniffling and holding her stomach.

Enzo comes in and reminds them that last week, "both of them were nominated and both of them got off".  (true)  Enzo is a Have Nottie, too, so he is in there with them all week. He tells them the game can change on a heartbeat, and not to give up.  But you're never safe, either.

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