Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Invisible Houseguest

I rarely see Monet on the feeds.  I suspect because she is fairly boring, and so many other people in the house are not.  She just had her Big Closeup, where she picked nuts one at a time out of this can and munched on them, complete with crunching noises.

Andrew stood there for awhile before she even talked to him.  But when she did it was to discuss raisins and dried cranberries, which they both want.  They are both going to have cereal and Monet wants to mix hers---with two or more flavors in one bowl. Looks like it is Fruit Loops and some other type of cereal.

Kathy comes in and apologizes to Andrew for being rude earlier. She says she had something on her mind and didn't feel like talking.

Andrew:  Look, you're on slop and your hungry so it's okay. I didn't take it personally.

Andrew is a smacker when he eats cereal, which is highly annoying.  Is it the BB mikes that are amplifying this?  Or is this common practice for him.  Lots of slurpy closeups from the camera crew.

Turns out Monet left the milk out and Andrew scolds her for it, though she isn't in the room.

Kristin only eats salads, "salad all the time".  She doesn't understand why BB can't pick up some kosher bread for Andrew at the store.

These little conversations, as innocuous and as boring as they are, are probably a big achievement for Andrew today.  He has been ostracized in the house and people have been treating him like shit.  He asked Kristin about her family and she starts talking about her siblings.

Kristin moved out right after high school and has been on her own since then. She has a brother who is in the Marines and is just back from service.  Her dad has property in the suburbs of Philadelphia (Buxton County) and built her brother a little house on the grounds.

Her dad had an illegitimate child after he divorced her mom and I think that child is an 11-year old girl.

Andrew's daughter goes to school in Cleveland and he talks to her on Skype--they do homework together.  He usually has her every summer and this summer she went to camp, so the BB scheduling worked out.

Andrew's ex-wife remarried and moved to Cleveland.  Andrew lives in Miami Beach---he almost said the street but caught himself just in time.  He lives near Collins Avenue right in the heart of everything.

He mentions Jewish, Kosher, Jewish, Kosher every other sentence, which just compounds how different he is.  For example, Cleveland doesn't have a lot of Kosher, Miami Beach has a huge Jewish community, etc etc.

Kristin wants to open a store in Philly and Andrew kind of gives her grief about it.

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