Friday, July 16, 2010


of flies in the storage room on all of the fruit.  One pineapple was covered, and the melons are infected as well.  I guess BB told them to clean out the storage room to get ready for the competition.
Rachel asked Britney if she wanted to talk now, and she said okay.  They walked upstairs and as they went Rachel announced that she wanted to speak with each person alone, naming people as she went.  I don't think she said Monet's name, but I could be wrong.

Rachel wants to be sure that she and Brendon aren't nominated together again.  Britney calls out Kristin as someone who should be targeted because she "isn't playing the game", as well as Andrew, due to his "celebration" when Rachel won HOH.

Rachel has no idea why----Britney says Andrew was fist-pumping and running laps in the backyard like he himself won.

Rachel:  I've talked to him, like six times in this house and I've never told him he's safe.

Britney:  When we came back in the house, everybody was saying, what a douchebag!  He can be happy, but try to be somewhat discrete and have a poker face.  Maybe he was just happy that I didn't win.

Britney refused Rachel's snacks because she "just had Apple Jacks".  Britney wants to go after the floaters---Rachel and Brendon are playing the game.  She thinks yesterday's HOH competition was fair to everyone and gave everybody a chance to win.

Rachel brings up Natalie coming in 2nd last year and how unfair that is.  (I hated Natalie, but she did scheme and play the game...)  Rachel is all about "Brendon and I",  and "me and Brendon", and "obviously we like each other".

 Britney:  You get along with everyone so much that I don't know what your're thinking.  So I don't want to come in here and name names in case you are friends with them and I just don't know...

Britney mentions how Annie kept coming up and begging for a vote over and over.

Rachel:  I really like you Britney, and we talk about sorority stuff and stuff like that. But I am scared of you Britney---you can say that you won't put me and Brendon up, but I'm not sure that is true.  I don't want you to go home....I'm not sure about Andrew though, and if he were up against this other person.....

Britney brings up the fact that Andrew might be the Saboteur. 

[I think BB needs to tell them what's up sooner rather than later.  I guess it is possible that they are recruiting a new Saboteur, or will do so with America's help, but I think they need to know before nominations.]

Rachel doesn't say who, but she knows this "one person" would put her up, or Brendon and Andrew, and she feels like that is a threat.  (Monet...duh.)

Britney brings up that guys always beat the girls, historically, and that she should consider that.  If she had won,she would have gone after Andrew, to cause the least amount of stress in the house.

Rachel sounds like she really wants Monet out, but knows if she has the chance to get Andrew out, she probably should.  She has watched BB before and yelled at the screen---"What are you doing?" and knows this could be the case with her.

Britney brings up that Andrew shot his hand up immediately when Julie asked for a volunteer to sit out the first HOH game.  They both think that was strange, and also the fact that he spelled the word "pasteurized".

Rachel:  He would have won if he didn't mispell it.  And I'm not even sure that wasn't on purpose.

Britney gives Rachel props for being "totally positive when she was on the block", and being nice to everyone all the time.  Rachel has tried to be friends with everybody, but with this "one person" it just doesn't seem to work.

Britney had a bad night last night, and is very calm during this conversation.  She seems very open and honest.

Britney:  I really, really don't want to go up!  I've said my piece, but I've been stressed about this.

[Everyone must be recording this snippet, because the feeds lock up and repeat over and over. I had to switch cameras to continue...]

Rachel combs through her extensions with her fingers constantly while she is talking.  She stares Britney right in the eye while they talk, and it seems sincere and positive. 

Britney:  All I can say to you is that I wouldn't come after you.  Based on the history of this game, it is much more important to take out the floaters.

Rachel says how "fucking irritating" it is when people come up to the HOH and ask how they should vote.  (i.e. Enzo!)  She thinks each person should decide for themselves, and play the fucking game.  Loose cannons shouldn't be there.  Britney brings up how Andrew "isn't a good player based on what he just did in the backyard".

Rachel asked what happened between the two of them after the competition. 

Britney:   He came in the BR and said "good game" and I thought he was rubbing it in my face that I lost so I said it was obvious that he was happy I lost.  But then I felt bad about it and went in and apologized and he admitted he did celebrate....DOTS.

[I saw part of that conversation and Andrew kind of called her out on the way she speaks to people and the tone she uses.  He was acting like he was in charge, and she was kind of sucking up to him.  It was weird.]

Rachel  could see them being friends after the show. They hug and Britney leaves.  Rachel is ready to speak with someone else.

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