Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Have Nots Start Tomorrow

and Enzo tells Brendon that he plans to eat pizza all night and then shit all day tomorrow.  Ha.

I hope we get to see that (the food, not the shitting).  I love to see them chow down after starving all week.  It is weird what they reach for and fun to watch.

I can hear Rachel whispering to Brendon about somebody being cocky.  I'm sure they mean Matt, since he is the main problem that they face up there on the surfboards.

Enzo jokes about Andrew's Daisy Dukes.  Ha ha ha.

Ragan loved that Matt said Natalie sucks.  They got a big kick out of that.  He also called Julie the Chenbot and asked the Saboteur to come back.  It is the best speech Britney has ever heard on BB.

Matt's feet.
Damn I want Matt to win and slap the giggle right off Rachel's piehole.

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