Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy

Missy had her hair did special for tonight.  Bless her heart.

I just tuned in and James Rhine (BB6, AllStars) is a guest.  As I tune in, the callers are slamming Sheriff Kathy.

Caller:  Old Jerry had more energy than Kathy!

James joins in on slamming Kathy, and poor Chelsia tries to jump in and say some supportive words for Kathy.  James has special insight into the job of a Sheriff and feels free to expound on her sheriff duties and limitations.  After all, James was a security professional at Nordstrom in Atlanta when he was first cast on BB6.

That's how he met the fair Sarah (BB6)---she worked in the Lingerie Department.  Unfortunately I know all of this.
Even though his home screen is dark, James looks good and is well-prepared for this discussion.  As always he is articulate and opinionated, but in a good way.  He is currently in a NY studio apartment that he is renting, for some reason.

Regarding Brendon & Rachel, he has watched them on the feeds and thinks that Brendon enjoys being around her because "she is a warm body", but doesn't see any signs that he has any sort of long-term attraction for her.

Missy (who calls Edward from Twilight her "husband") jumps in and cites specific times on the feeds when they both said "I love you". 

Always sensible, James says that he doesn't care if they get married and have 40 kids, he wants to see more game play on the show and less romance.  He feels both of them have potential to be strong players and he would like the show to focus more on this.

CQ =  Caller Question

CQ:  What big event did you miss being on Big Brother?

James mentions that Hurricane Katrina happened.  When he was evicted, they gave him an itinerary with his schedule for the next day and he wondered where all the TV appearances were.  Then he found a newspaper at the hotel and "read it in the bathroom".  He was stunned about the whole tragedy and it felt weird.

CQ:  How did you feel when you watched your shows later?

After BB6, James went home to his Atlanta apartment where he lived with Sarah and watched a stack of VHS tapes of the show.  (jokes about the use of VHS back then)  He would watch for hours and then go get something to eat, and return to watch more tapes.

He still hasn't seen the entire AllStars season---he was drinking at Mike Boogie's house one time and watched some of it with him, but has no real interest in watching it all right now.  He wasn't very serious about that season and just doesn't want to relive it.  (Mike Boogie, however, won it of course and probably watches it every weekend.)

Somebody must have brought Chelsia a refill, because now her martini glass is full again.  There are a lot of technical problems (AGAIN) and James can hardly hear the discussion.


James says that Matt may go far this season because he is not considered a physical threat.  He thinks that the last 5 weeks will be boring because of this (although he just described Matt as conniving, which to me might make good TV).  James thinks Ragan will go very far in the game.

The callers don't seem to like Andrew, and one woman mocks his reaction to the "peaches in the iced tea" incident.  Chelsia doesn't even think you can drink iced tea when you are a Have Not.
Chelsia is a Big Matt Fan and defends his lies---"this is just a game".  But then she stretches things and says Matt is "bringing awareness to the disease". 

**ugh, I don't think so**

My dog needs to go outside and is not taking no for an answer.  I will have to catch the last 10 minutes of this show later.

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