Friday, July 16, 2010

Flashback - Midnight on Thursday Night (con't)

and Matt didn't waste any time approaching Rachel to find out if he is in trouble.  Matt went out in the BY where Rachel and Brendon are, to tell her that he is extremely paranoid about being nominated.

Rachel is reassuring him and telling him he is crazy to worry about that---they are Have-Notties together!!  And there is no bond stronger than that!  She is insulted that he would even think so!

Matt explained that Andrew doesn't like him, or thinks he is the Saboteur, and that Andrew is walking around the house acting like he is running the show.

Rachel is surprised by that and says that she is the only one running the show. 

Matt says he would "bet the bank" that he knows who the Saboteur is.  Based on what he has seen, and heard, etc.  He doesn't want to discuss it in the BY, but has noted that this person has had words with several people.  (I think he is implying that it is Britney.)

Rachel and Brendon apparently drank a whole bottle of Tequila (HOH prize?) because "Brendon wanted to get frisky". 

Rachel:  We haven't even talked about the game.  All I wanted to do is get shmammered.

Brendon is slurring a little.  Enzo says he wishes he had been asked to be the Saboteur---he would have "gotten the fifty G's and gotten the fuck out!".

Enzo likes Rachel, likes Enzo, yadda yadda yadda.  A virtual love fest.

I really wanted to see when Rachel got access to her HOH room, so I am going to look for that flashback now.

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