Friday, July 16, 2010

Flashback - Midnight on Thursday Night

Or Friday morning---whatever.  The aftermath of the Live Show and HOH competition is in full swing.

Enzo and Monet are laying in the hammock, hashing it out.  Enzo said that Brendon was going crazy during the competition---saying "c'mon....c'mon....c'mon" while Rachel got closer and closer to winning.

The HG seem to think that something is happening on Friday---Enzo said he can't wait until tomorrow, "to see what happens" and the implication was that they would find out something about the Saboteur.  Enzo assumes that Monet and Britney will be nominated.  He is already stressing about what will happen if Monet wins the POV and takes herself down---who will be nominated?

Neither of them would have pegged Annie to be the first one out.  Enzo points out that a few days ago she was hosting the POV competition and was all smiles, and a few days later her ass is out the door.

They are basically consoling themselves with the results of this week by saying that Rachel and Brendon will always be targets.  They think that Brendon is going to run the show and Rachel won't make any decisions for herself.

[I hope not---I am expecting more from Rachel than that.]

Monet says that Kristen and Rachel were already buddy-buddy so she thinks that will continue.  They also comment on the Hayden--Kristen connection.  Those two are always the last ones up and she was up in the HOH late every night.  They haven't seen them kiss, but wonder what is going on.

Andrew gets called to the DR and Enzo says "good riddance" and that Andrew is "a creeper--putting ideas out there."

Enzo thinks it's good at this stage of the game not to win HOH, to let someone else get the blood on their hands, and see what's what. 

And it happens every year----whoever gets called on to speak during the Live Show analyzes every word they said over and over and over.  Enzo is no exception.  (At least they didn't have to bleep him live.)

Apparently Rachel is "wasted" right now and they won't bother to talk to her until tomorrow.  They discuss how quickly things change in the house, and what short memories they all have.

Enzo:  It just sucks that Andrew gets another week. That sucks.

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