Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback - HOH Aftermath

Rachel and Brendon are whispering in the BR about her conversation with Matt.  She is telling him that one of them will go up if someone uses the POV.

Rachel is instructing Brendon not to throw anyone under the bus, etc.  She is a loud whisperer.  Not much about her is quiet. 

Brendon is reeling from Rachel telling him that everyone in the house wants the two of them on the block.  Brendon is whispering in a panicked way and his posture shifts to leaning back and crossing his hands.

Brendon, whispering in a crybaby way:  This motherfucker!!  He said he wasn't going to put us up!

As Brendon gets angry about it, his body language pulls him away from Rachel.
Brendon:  Motherfucker!!   Piece of Shit!!  We should have sent his ass home this week!

Ha ha ha ha ha.  My mother always said you could have "book smarts, but no common sense".  I'll bet Brendon's family is meeting with an estate attorney today to revise their Last Will and Testament.

I love watching Brendon and Rachel now---this is a lot better than the sleazy softcore porn.


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