Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback From Last Night

around 10:30 pm in the BB house.  Hayden and Kristin are in the Cabana Room, alone, and are reliving the fight in the backyard (most of which we weren't allowed to see).

Kristin:  She said (in a mocking tone)'re so degree!  I wanted to fucking choke her right there and then.

You can hear a lot of squealing and shouting from the living room as everyone whoops it up.

Kristin:  This is going to be a tough week...I'm sorry it had to work out this way.

Lots of DOTS here and there tonight.  I think Production is talking to them--if BB aired their voices they would have to pay them as performers, I think.  I would love to hear more about how that works if anyone can let us know the union pay rules.

Hayden and Kristin discuss the HOH game and how Brendon was out first thing.  The sounds from the kitchen are really loud and appear to be Ragan acting out.  I might have to switch to that camera to see what is going on there.

Hayden:  You look hot out there when you were screaming!

Kristin:  Thanks.  At least someone out there thinks so. I'm sure America was thinking that about Rachel.

Hayden:  No....see, a lot of guys would "do" Rachel, but not many would date her.

They realize they will probably be in the Jury House and think it will suck.

Oh it sounds like a frat party in the kitchen...I have to switch channels.

OK!  Now I see Enzo with an empty wine glass and he seems half in the bag.  After being a Have Not all week, I'm sure he is a cheap date tonight.  Rachel's voice can be heard and she sounds drunk, too.  Enzo is kind of weaving while standing up and has his hand up his shirt, exposing his belly.

Rachel:  Houseguests!  You are not allowed to discuss Production!  You are not allowed to discuss Liposuction!

DOTS on that.

They say that Ragan is food drunk.   He is imitating BB talking to Monet:  Moneeeeettt, please put on, no, please stop singing....


Enzo and Brendon appear to be drinking beer out of the wine glasses and just clinked each other.
Ragan is cracking up and laughing uncontrollably.  Ragan:  It's like we smoked a joint or something!
They are making rap-type remixes of the BB messages---they are about to make a "Stop That" remix and Britney requests a "Houseguests you are on Looooockdoooown" remix.  Ragan got out of bed and started doing the robot, someone is beatboxing (Enzo) and they are all rapping in falsetto.

Ragan keeps saying in falsetto:  I don't want to go back to jail!

There is a moment of silence, and Enzo raps "Stop talking about production!".

Britney:  Enzo, you are really good at that!

Enzo:  That's what we did in high school, man.  A little rapping...I was Enzo, King of a Thousand Wet Dreams.

Kathy missed the first remix and Rachel wants to make a "Floaters, Grab Your Lifevest!" rap.  Enzo says he needs a hook and tries "These are shark infested waters".

This is hilarious.  Britney said that BB told Ragan:  Ragan, Please Stop Singing!  and Ragan screeched in falsetto:  Then I'll rap motherfuckers!

Lots of DOTS but BB has got to love this energy.  Posting but I continue to watch.  Can't look away!

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