Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - Part IV

Ragan has joined the kitchen group and says he feels like he is coming down from a pot high.
Enzo:  I just ate for two days, man.

Ragan:  I'm going to eat a lot this week.  You know what I want tomorrow morning?  A really cheesy omelette..

Enzo:  Yeah, that sounds good.

Brendon followed Rachel down the hall to the bathroom and sat her down for a talk.  Rachel is like a broken (drunk) record about wanting to go and talk to Britney. She seems to think that Britney is in the Cabana with Kristin (I don't think so.).
Brendon:  If you continue to act this way, I'm not going to let you drink in the house with me. 

[We've all dealt with drunks before, and it is certainly frustrating to be the sober, sane one.  Paging Dr. Rachel's people about next season's Celebrity Rehab.  At least Rachel can say she was on network TV this year, which is more than most of those "celebrities" can say.]

Brendon:   Let her just be---you don't have to look worse than she does!

Rachel: I could never look worse than her!

Brendon:  Then just let her marinate and stew in it.

They are in the kitchen now and Rachel is eating an apple.

Rachel:  Can I throw an apple at her?  Why is Britney in there with her?  Britney hates her, so why is she in there?

And so on.

Rachel wants to go pour "that fucking soup on her head", and a "fucking bottle of water on her head".

Brendon:  That's why I'm your stop you from doing that stuff.

Enzo is concerned that everyone will sleep through the HOH Room reveal.  He wants to go up there and listen to some music.

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