Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback From Last Night - Part II

Still working on the BB remixes....

Brendon wants to incorporate the Saboteur in the remix.

Britney:  We can call it  "Did you miss me?"

Aha...Ragan thinks Annie will be back next week for the Week #5 HOH, since she was supposed to be in the house and win the money then.  (How perceptive.....)
Rachel thinks they will get more booze after everyone has their turn in the DR, so they can all visit the HOH and stay up until five, talking. 

Rachel:  Why does Rich call this the Palm Room?

(Rich is a DR guy.)

Britney:  Because Rich.....DOTS.

Rachel:  Brendon, where are you going to sleep tonight?

**uncomfortable silence**

Brendon:  In the room with your mother standing over me!  (BB put a picture of Rachel's mom in her last HOH room and she moved it to the bathroom.) 

Enzo is going to sleep in the Taj and says that he will be doing "mad game talk" in there and has several alliances in there.  Rachel says he can cuddle with Lane in the Jumanji Room and that Lane has, like, five alliances.

Enzo:  I can't believe that Julie Chen knew about the spotlighting...

DOTS.  (After last year, BB is careful not to let anybody say anything bad about Julie on the feeds because it shows up on all the blogs, etc.  Mrs. Moonves doesn't like that.)

Enzo:  Seriously, who can say they were tutored by Julie Chen?  That was so awesome!

More DOTS as they discuss the Chenbot.  Matt must be in the DR because I don't hear him in Jumanji doing the remixes.  They probably could have used his musicality.

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