Friday, July 16, 2010

Flashback - 9:15 PM in the BB House, After the Live Show

Who Wants to See My HOH Room?

 Funny thing is, no one was there to take her up on the offer.  She had to run to the backyard and ask again. 

Rachel wants to do a cheer but doesn't.  Everyone comes upstairs on the landing and she waits until they are all there before opening the door.

Pictures of her mom, her sister, her dog, and a bottle of TEQUILA!  Rachel squeals and jumps up and down.  I think it might be Patron.  She got a letter and everyone sits to listen.
The letter doesn't say much except that everyone "loves loves loves her".  There are remembrances about some trip to San Antonio that I have to wonder might be a code of some sort.  Her mom says how brave she is and they are all proud of her.  Win or lose, she will always be a winner to her mom.  It is a nice letter but she read it in a sort of singsong voice that kind of minimized it.

Her CD is Rascal Flatts--not her first choice but she likes it.  Her first choice was Cascades (??).  They think it is funny that she got tequila.  And chocolate, of course.  In the fridge she got cheese, fresh veggies, Chocolate Silk soy milk.  She doesn't have any shot glasses or she would open up that bottle now.

There is a sash from some sort of pageant she was in in Nevada.  Ragan wants to wear it.  She didn't get her "stuffed Rottweiler" and is surprised about some of the pictures that they put in the room.  There are pictures of "Angel's Landing" that she told Kathy about--you have to "hold on to some ropes" or something like that.  She shows Kathy.  She got a sheer white bikini wrap from her mom---Brendon corrects her and says it is a sarong.

She cracks open a bag of M&M's (blue metallic bag) and passes them around.  Monet digs in and passes it.  She got espresso, and they joke aobut how she did ask for brown rice and veggies as a treat.  (Matt:  It's like Survivor in here!)

It is really kind of quiet in there, and you can feel the tension with some of the people.  Andrew inspects the M&Ms but doesn't eat them.  They are a new variety of some sort that is salty.  Rachel got Goldfish and she likes them.  And popcorn, too.  They think that must be a joke, after being on slop for 10 days and having to eat a lot of popcorn.

Brendon tried the M&Ms and says he likes him, they remind him of "salty balls---just put them in your mouth and suck them". 

(Right, Brendon, right.)

Here is a peek of her "cubed cheese platter" that she asked for.  Everyone is digging in and munching.  That is Enzo's head there---he is enjoying the cheese selection.  Ragan has never heard of Muenster cheese.  (I guess they don't serve that at Joe's Crab Shack.

What was Kristin doing all this time?  Good question.  Kristin is truly the life of any party, like her BB intro promised us.
(I wonder if Kristin is the #1 casting error at this point?  I think they Producers thought they were getting something else when they cast her, and I'll bet the prospect of losing someone with good bitchy soundbites like Britney and keeping Kristin for the long haul is causing a lot of agita in Camp Grodner.)

Rachel starts talking about her Nana and her being in a nursing home (which was mentioned in the letter) and the group breaks up almost immediately.  Lane says that if he wins HOH, he asked for an "8 ball".  Enzo asked for "an ounce".

We can only hope they win HOH soon.

Enzo and Lane went to the storage room to get the booze, and have a quick meeting about how they think they are safe this week.  They think Monet will be the target, and Enzo wants to provoke some drama with the girls this week to make sure of that.
Three bottles of wine but only 4 beers.  Everyone gathers around to get their share.

Kristin speaks:  I'm going to have Merlot.

She is the first one to pour her share, and Monet is right behind her with the bottle of Cabernet.  Britney usually doesn't drink, but says she "needs it today".  Matt tells her "no need to're boozin'!"

You can just taste the tension that wine won't melt away.

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