Friday, July 16, 2010

Flashback - 9:00 PM in the BB House, After the Live Show

and I think Rachel is thisclose to getting the keys to her HOH room.  She just got called to the DR and Brendon took her luggage up the spiral staircase and placed it by the door.

Andrew has yet another conversation about what he can't eat, and what he can eat.  Bitch bitch bitch, moan moan moan.  He has yet to have one conversation that does not focus on his religion or food restrictions.  It's who he is.

Funny that last night Monet started asking him questions about his pot, and his bowl, and what could touch them.  After 13+ days together, she is finally asking questions.  Most likely related to him having new power in the house.  Indirect power, but power nonetheless.

Ragan went to put a shirt on, because he thinks they are about to go see Rachel's HOH room, and he doesn't want to be "the shirtless guy". 

I guess cereal and milk are kosher.  He mumbles to himself about eating carrots tomorrow.  He also had to hold his cereal bowl in a certain way and hold it up before filling it.  Some sort of blessing?  Checking for cleanliness?  Obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Here's Kristin in her outfit that Britney and Monet made fun of.  I think Monet said she looked like a "two dollar whore".  That's mean, I'd say at least three dollars.  Kristin is a bit of a butterface, so this is her best side.

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