Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fast Times at Big Bro High

and Hayden and Brendon are finally having their Big Talk.  I have to say that the POV ceremony must not be until tomorrow, because Brendon is outside and usually the Veto holder has to be inside taping footage of them looking at the memory wall, pensively considering their options.

Hayden tells Brendon that there is one person he can nominate that can guarantee Rachel's safety 100%, but he doesn't say who it is.  Brendon says that Rachel is the only person in the house that he feels that he can trust.   Brendon thinks he knows who Hayden wants to nominate, and he says that he thinks that they can use that person later to help them in the game.

Hayden tells him that "that person" has tried to form alliances all over the house, with Enzo and others.  Brendon nods and takes that information well, and continues to suck up.

Annie's name is never mentioned, but they both know who they are talking about.  In order to discount what was just said, Brendon says that Enzo is so cool and funny, but his impression is that Enzo will go whichever the wind blows...

Brendon appeals to Hayden based on their physical strength, saying that between the two of them they can run the competitions and thus, the game.  Brendon pushes his luck by dragging Rachel into this, saying that "she really is smart".

Brendon serves up Britney as someone who will flip in a heartbeat--I guess to save Annie's ass if at all possible.  Now he tells Hayden that Andrew is not to be discounted--he could be a good partner in the house and nearly won the Veto yesterday.

Brendon is trying to guarantee Hayden's safety if Andrew wins HOH.  (Brendon and Annie were talking earlier that he would throw HOH to Andrew if it were only he and Andrew left at the end.)

Well, I have been watching BB feeds for YEARS, and what I just witnessed is a first for me.

It started raining, and then pouring in the BB backyard.  Everybody jumped up and ran to shelter.  I tried to snap a shot of the raindrops on the pool, but my Mozilla browser shut down completely and I had to reboot.

***about 3 minutes pass***

When I got back online the girls are all inside, wrapped in blankets like drowned rats, and Brendon is huddled up in bed with Rachel, whispering about his conversation with Hayden.  The past is forgotten, they can team up, yadda, yadda yadda.

When will these BB players learn to forego the showmances and stop thinking with their dicks?  This is fucking Big Brother and they would have killed to be on the show!  Now Brendon is going to blow it with this fake skank!

[I actually don't have a problem with Rachel, but if this is Brendon's future wife, can't it wait until outside the game?]

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