Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Evil Plan

as Matt lounges in his skull jammies talking to Enzo about Brendon and Rachel.  Matt thinks that if Brendon goes home, Rachel might lose it and leave voluntarily.

Matt:  All she does is talk about wanting to spend the summer with him.

Enzo:  And him?  He doesn't give a shit...he's always talking about science and she's always drunk and shit!  I know characters like him...he's not going to be with her.

Kristin got really mad today and told Matt she wants Brendon and Rachel out, too.  Matt thinks that if the two of them were on the block, and she won POV, she would save him.

They would love to get Brendon out next week, before sequester starts, and then start planting seeds in her head that Brendon is a good looking guy, now he's a celebrity, he's out meeting girls...

Matt:  Maybe she would just leave and we could avoid a double eviction!

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