Friday, July 16, 2010

Everybody Remembers Their First Protein Shake

And Matt gives Britney some instructions about how to mix it.  He's been there, and he knows.

Ragan:  Just let us know when you want to make slop!

Ragan's been there, too, and he knows.  Britney has problems shaking up all the powder in the bottom, so sweet Matt gives her a hand.
It's not so bad, Britney says.  She thinks they can freeze it to make vanilla ice cream.  Enzo obsesses on the list of allowed items for a Have Not---why can you have pickles, but not olives--that's crazy!

Monet is glad that she ate all the cookies lately---she can justify them now.

Meanwhile Lane makes A LOT of noise while making himself a salad.  It was deafening, really.

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