Friday, July 23, 2010

Enzo's Penalty

Enzo just said he took a penalty for the pizza.  He just told them to enjoy it.

Apparently he ate half of Britney's slice of pizza in one bite--pepperoni pizza.

What was the penalty?  Don't know yet..


I am watching the flashback now and Enzo said that he got a 'penalty warning' and they said if he does it again he will be automatically nominated.  BB doesn't like him even telling the other HG about this and says so.

He said he grabbed the slice out of Britney's hand and inhaled a big bite.

Enzo:  It had pepperonis on it so I don't fuckin' care!

No mention of the cheese cubes Enzo was ganking on the sly during the week.  He must be very well liked by the cast and crew if no one forced the issue--the HG talked about it a number of times.  If I know it, Allison Grodner must know it.


  1. enzo is a nobody. won nothing and acts like a clown. a big loser jerk.

  2. britney on the other hand is so good looking. she should be a model. so damn good looking and sweet. funny too. what a perfect lovely female. i hope this show launches her into super stardom where she belongs.

  3. sweet britney, don't act so happy to get rid of someone like you did kathy. she will be on the jury and see how happy you were to get rid of her. i know it fit into your plans, but don't let your emotions show. I want to see you win the money. be happy when enzo, Bozo the Clown, gets kicked off. He is a true blue loser clown in my book.

  4. this is the worst big brother ever. Matt is the only one doing anything. The brigade are assholes. hayden thinks he is so goodlooking. bullshit. at least rachel showed some guts. Lane is a big bad jerk clown in my book. Me and my crew would make him look like a sissy like he is. sissy biscuits. Ragan makes all gay dudes look like pussies, when they are not.
    The gays in Baltimore hate your worthless crying garbage little girl act. you make America sick. I would spit in your face if I had the opportunity. you are garbage. Forget the money, everybody in the house hates your whining little girl act. College Professor? where at garbage. you are sick. I hope brendon or matt wins. what a bunch of losers.


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