Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enzo Spits Blood

when he talks to Lane in the kitchen.  They are whispering and Enzo approaches Rachel's picture on the wall and says he can't wait to nominate them next week.

Enzo: Rachel needs to get the fuck out of there, because she's mouthy.

Now Enzo says that Ragan is playing everybody and he needs to get the fuck out of there, too.

Enzo:  Kristin's gone, and this is all jury house now.

Enzo can't wait to start throwing the word Brigade around.  Rachel must have taken the letter or call from home from him.  I hope he's not on slop.

Enzo sees the garbage needs to be taken out and starts to do it.  He addresses America and says he will do this one time, and only once.
Enzo:  Wait a minute...

Lane:  Just fuck it!....Leave it!.....Brendon will take it out, you know he will.

Enzo, stops with the trash:  Yeah, this ain't a Brigade job!  (addressing America)  This is their job! Not a Brigade job!

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