Saturday, July 10, 2010

Enzo Appears, as Dusk Approaches

because he is going to be the guy who is up all night, and sleeps all day.  He has been on slop and can't wait to eat.

 Andrew says that as soon as the HG hear that there is going to be a Have/Have Not contest, they should all go to the kitchen and start shoving food down.

Andrew:  Remind me, Enzo, remind me to do that.

Enzo wants to hide food in the bathroom so he can eat it in secret if he is a Have Not again.  But for now heis munching pickles, since that is allowed on his slop diet.  He is allowed to have a raw carrot, too, apparently.

Kristin just burped and says she does it all the time.  According to Ragan, she is also a big farter.

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