Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Downpour Ends

Matt:  God damn!!  That was a rough run!

Ragan:  Um...there's a water shortage in southern california right now!

Rachel:  Don't worry--it's probably recycled water!

Ragan:  If this doesn't get me laid....

Rachel:  It's like a wet T-shirt contest, but gayer!

I think Matt's microphone may be damaged.  He started thumping it and we heard a voice saying "Testing testing 1 2 3". Yep, now we can't hear him on his microphone.

Matt, faintly:  That a girl, Stacy!  Write that letter!

Ragan:  None of my friends can read or write!

ha ha ha

DOTS and I bet they are getting Matt a new microphone.

Now they laugh about Matt mentioning military regalia to funny and this has to do with what Ragan said in the DR.  I wrote about it within the last day or so...they are referring to something old Jerry from BB10 said in the DR.

Honestly this is so funny to me.  I don't know how they are staying on the surfboards it is so hilarious.

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