Thursday, July 22, 2010


now, but just before it seemed like a deal between Matt and Ragan was at hand.

To summarize:

Matt is going to win HOH
He is going to nominate Andrew and Kathy, with Kathy being the target.  He will talk to Andrew about being the pawn.
He is going to tell Brendon and Rachel that if somebody wins POV and takes themselves off, one of them are going up.

Ragan didn't want to be blatant about letting Matt win, and then Matt nominating Brendon and Rachel.  That would make him a target in week #4.

They did a count on who would vote out Andrew, and they seemed to think that Kathy would leave if they are the ones nominated for eviction.

What is Andrew going to eat this week?

We're back.

BB got all the HG to come back outside.

Enzo:  Family pictures inside!  Who wants to see 'em?

I would really like to hear Matt's band.  Can anybody help with that?  Is it punk?  Alt rock? His microphone is taking a freaking beating right now.


  1. Matt's band - Wasted Time is my favorite album for sure!

  2. Thanks Jessica--do you know Matt? What is his role in the band--lead singer?

  3. Matt Hoffman - vocals, guitar
    John Brey - guitar
    Deech - bass, vocals
    Scotty Hero - drums

    One of my personal favorites is "She's in love with the band guys".

    I will never forget the weekend we spent partying up New Orleans, pre-Katrina. I hope BB can bring the Shooting Blanks back together!!!

  4. Thanks for supporting Matt. I am sure his HOH blog and tweets will be priceless.

  5. I am sure this will give everyone the opportunity to see how genuine he really is.


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