Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do You Want to Meet My Family?

Brendon asks Rachel...after the show but before you go home?
Rachel:  I guess, but your family's going to hate me...

Brendon:  No they're not!

He wants to compare wingspans and really has to try hard to get her to compare with him.
Damn he has some ripped arms.  Rachel says of course his wingspan is larger...he is taller!  Now they go to take a nap together in the Cabana Room.  Rachel has been whining about the state of her hair and asked Brendon a few minutes ago about her roots.

Do they look brown, or reddish-brown?  I think Brendon realized that he was treading on dangerous ground and said "reddish brown".  This question is kind of like asking if you look fat--there is really no great way to answer it and appear truthful.

Brendon appeard to navigate these choppy waters just fine.  Now they locked the door to the Cabana Room and the cameras shift away.  Thank you Big Brother!

Oh god I spoke too soon.  Brendon is whining that "I swear to god...people are trying to break us up!"
Lane seems to be on Brendon's shit list---if Rachel wins she will nominate Lane and Kristin, and Lane will go home.  Rachel says Kristin just wants to be the only girl and get in with all the guys.  They plan to attack both of them about dropping off the surfboards so early.

Rachel:  If I win, I'm going to be such a bitch!  A totally different HOH than I was last time.  I have my floater speech ready!

[Well now finally this sounds interesting!]

Rachel:  I just realized something....all of the drama that has happened in this house has revolved around me and you!


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