Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Did Ragan Spill His Secret?

Sounds like he did...he is currently talking to Britney about his teaching policies, and enforcement of them.
Ragan takes attendance and enforces it---he has noticed a huge difference in the success of the class in general when he enforces the attendance policy.  So the Professor cat is out of the bag, and he's not even playing it off like he just became a teacher last month.
Cal Long Beach, where he teaches, most of the students work full-time and go to school full-time, some with 18 units a semester.  OK, he is even referring to the time when he taught at ASU. 

(Hmmm.  Didn't Hayden attend ASU?)

Rachel is in on this conversation, too.  Ragan's school has a lot of students who are products of the poor education system---some of them can't diagram a sentence properly.

 Britney doesn't have health insurance, so she has to "drive to Oklahoma to go to the doctor, where it's free, and that takes a whole day!"   (WTF?)

Britney had a class as a senior where the teacher would write a different random phrase on the board every day (i.e. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates) and they were expected to write it down.  At the end of the week they would have a test where they could pass just by filling in all of the phrases for the week.  And some people still had to try to cheat or ask others for help to pass the test.

Britney:  That was their one job, to write down that phrase!

Rachel has bad test anxiety.  Britney was a fast test-taker--she liked to finish and then have time to hang around afterwords.

Britney mentions the test that "they" made them take (i.e. BB gave them an IQ test) and they told them it would take about 3 hours.  Britney finished in one hour.  Rachel was really angry about that test---she took it Memorial Day weekend and she had been "up for two days, working two jobs" and she had a hard time focusing on it.

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