Saturday, July 31, 2010

Confinement for Hayden

and there is a little toilet with a curtain around it.  It flushes, and has water, but it is going to smell in there.

He is holding and working on a large French baguette, so I guess he is on slop, bread and water.  Matt and Ragan are talking to him through the wall.

Ragan suggests he stick his penis into the sharks mouth (?).  Matt wants him to draw some strange reprimands from BB. 

Here is Hayden's little homeless person's storage drum.
Matt:  I love French bread.

Ragan:  I know..I wish we had some French bread!

Matt:  Hayden's got it so good in there.

Hayden is moving around nonstop and looking around.  He doesn't seem too upset.  BB told him that after the competition he had to go immediately to the bedroom to get a sweater and then go to confinement.

Now Hayden is behind the toilet curtain.
Kristin is STILL in the DR.

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