Friday, July 16, 2010

Cleaning Up

in the BR mirror are Kathy and Britney.  I think this was a dirty challenge--one of the messy ones.

I think Brendon and Andrew are on slop, along with Enzo.  I don't think Hayden is a Have Not, after all.  And it's going to be a horrible week for Monet, since she is a Have Not as well.  Along with being nominated, that adds up to misery.

On the bright side, maybe she will lose it on someone and go postal.  Mix in a little PMS and anything could happen.

OMG Big Baby Brendon is such a crybaby.  His is in the HOH bathroom saying "every fucking night I have to go through this shit".  And Rachel says "I'll come down there and stay with you..."
Since he is a Have Not, he can't stay up in the HOH with Rachel!!  It's like a gift from the BB gods, isn't it?  And I can tell already that he is going to whine like a motherfucker about it.  He seems to have forgotten that Rachel already knows ALL ABOUT being a Have Not.  She did it for 10 days, without any effin' FISHSTICKS.

I would love it if Rachel dumps his ass in the house.  How funny would that be?  That would make her showmance a true original.

DOTS, again.

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