Thursday, July 22, 2010

Calm Before the Storm

As usual on Thursdays, BB has asked the HG to spruce up the house for the Live Show.  Lane is vacuuming.  The HG have said that they never use the living room, lounging in the Cabana Room instead.  So it doesn't look very dirty in there.

Kristin is in the kitchen and took some eggs out of the fridge.  Rachel saw her and asked if she was making eggs.  Kristin says yes, she making egg whites and Rachel asked if she would make her some, too.  Kristin said yes, and Rachel then asked her if she liked to put salsa in her eggs.  Kristin said not, not really.

Then came the interesting part.  I don't know how Kristin can make egg whites if she doesn't know how to crack an egg. I just watched her try with two eggs and she had to fish shell and yolk out of the bowl for both.

As best I can tell, Kristin literally cracked an egg, and then held the crack over the bowl, trying to get all of the egg white to drain out of the egg.  She didn't open it up and use the shell to move the yolk back and forth to eliminate the egg white.

 Kristin:  Rachel, do you mind if there is some yolk in your eggs?

After watching this, I sincerely think that Kristin might be retarded.  The cameras switch immediately after she asks this question.  I guess BB doesn't want us to know about her mental handicap.

Now we visit the BR, where Matt, Ragan and Britney discuss tonight's Live Show.  BB hasn't even told them yet if they are having rehearsal this afternoon.  They think that Britney may have an advantage in an endurance competition, but she points out that sometimes larger people have the
advantage with endurance, and sometimes they don't.

They agree that whatever happens, the stakes will get a lot harder after about 5 minutes, when Julie comes back and says, "HG, sometimes it snows in July!" and snowflakes will fall, or something like that.  Britney mentions when she fell off the hot dog during the first competiton, it took BB "45 minutes to decide what to do".

(Remember that Matt said that break in the action was the best thing for him because he and Hayden devised a strategy to let him win the first HOH.)

Britney brought an Underarmour top with a Northface shell to wear over it for competitions like this, in addition to fingerless gloves.  She doesn't know if they will let her wear it, however, due to the logos on the clothes.  She said that "they said they would cover it up if it is less than 1 inch" and we go to DOTS.

(At one point Erica from BB5 and Allstars got a job working on creating and executing BB challenges, but I don't know if she is still involved.)

Ragan would love some fresh air.

Ragan:  After 8 hours of hanging or whatever we are doing, I will probably say I wish I was in bed!

Rachel said they have A LOT of booze saved up to drink tonight when all is said and done.  Ragan is trying to determine what best to eat for lunch.

Ragan:  A hotdog?  Would carbs be good?

Matt:   I might just have pita chips and hummus.

Matt's stomach is still really nervous about the situation.

Matt:  I am excited to see the house divided, even if I'm not here to enjoy it.

Matt thinks it will be 5-4 or maybe 6-3.  Lane jokes it will be 10-1.

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