Saturday, July 31, 2010


Rachel and Brendon went upstairs with their breakfasts to chat about what has happened this morning.  Rachel was talking about what Kathy said to her about using the Veto (if she plays and wins it).

They got into YET ANOTHER tiff and Brendon said he doesn't like it when she speaks to him like she does.  She is really sorry about it but he keeps elaborating on conversations that he didn't like.

In the middle of this Rachel spills her cup of coffee all over one of the blue cloth HOH room chairs, and all over that white rug.  (I would have thought Cro Magnon Hayden would have been the one to mess it up, but he didn't.)
She has been scrubbing and scrubbing and I can't believe BB hasn't told her to "Knock it Off!".  Removing a stain is one thing, but having to replace big chunks of pulled-out shag rug is quite another.

Brendon showed the level of hostility that he has by bringing up something Britney said last night.  They were all practicing the pinball-type machine game in the backyard and I guess Brendon decided to stop, or skip a turn or something.

Britney said, "I hope Rachel doesn't find out about that!"

Implying, of course, that Brendon is pussywhipped by Rachel and her Jugs.

Rachel looked at the camera several times and said "I'm sorry" (about the coffee spill) and Brendon said, "that's okay", as if she were talking to him.

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