Sunday, July 25, 2010

Britney's Outlook

on the nominations is the topic of a backyard discussion with Enzo and Lane.

Sounds like Kathy tried to put the squeeze on her to go to Enzo and Lane to get their votes, because she voted for Monet to help Britney out.

Britney:  If you keep Kathy, you are keeping someone who will probably not win HOH or anything else, so it helps your chances of winning yourself.  But if you keep Andrew, you are helping Brendon because he is aligned with him, so you are helping Brendon win.

Enzo doesn't like the idea of Kathy telling Britney to tell him how to vote: She can go fuck herself.  She'll find out on Thursday what's gonna happen..

As of this moment Enzo thinks Andrew may be leaving, but I'm sure things will change day by day, hour by hour.


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