Saturday, July 17, 2010

Britney Won POV!

Because Monet is discusssing whose votes she would get if Kathy were up, or Andrew.

They discuss how it "was obvious that she was playing against you" (Monet).  Monet needs to take a shower but has to work up the energy.   Britney went to the kitchen to make some fishsticks, and now Kathy is whispering with Kathy in the Have Not room about her options.

(Monet said earlier that she is going after Kathy and is considering it personal.  Kathy said some shitty things about she and Britney to Rachel.)

This picture, I don't understand, for obvious reasons.

A suit and tie?  WTF?

Britney announces that her bra is "gross and sweaty and she has to get it off before her back breaks out".  Monet "thought about dropping after you did, but that seemed so obvious".  It is hard to imagine the competitions based on the bits and pieces of stuff I hear on the feeds, but it is fun trying.  I think Britney won by 14 seconds.

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