Monday, July 26, 2010

Britney Lounges in the Sun,

but never seems to get a tan, how does that work?

She is telling Enzo and Hayden about the quarterhorse she used to have.  I think that makes her sound like a rich girl and she should zip it up right now.  But that's just me.

Meanwhile over on the couch Ragan and Matt talk about how strange Andrew's performance was during the POV, and how fake it seemed.  They are aware that Andrew cooked this up with Brendon and Rachel to try and make sure Kathy leaves.

Ragan:  Brendon could sense that I didn't buy it, and I think he knows that I am almost totally sure that I am voting Andrew off this week.

Matt:  I'm gonna tell him that he's okay, just to get him off my back...(Andrew).

They comment on the fact that the boys in the yard are acting out with some sort of a lasso, yet they have three cameras trained on them. Wonder why Matt?  Uh, because this guy just came over to perch on the side of the couch while shredding a mouthful of baby snacks.

Ragan actually held the magnifying glass up to Brendon's nipple and asked him how hot that felt.  Brendon didn't even flinch, and they started joking about having "that West Hollywood look".

Matt: Ragan do you think dudes will hit on Hayden after this?

Brendon:  He doesn't speak for every gay guy in America!

Ragan:  That's right!

They joke about Hayden gaining West Hollywood fans with his lassoing skills.  Ragan estimates that at least four men are watching and are fans.

Matt tells them that one time a guy came over and bought a pitcher of beer to share with him.  He said he played pool with him, drank the beer, thanked him and walked off.

Matt: I felt kind of bad...

Ragan:  Why?  How many girls fucked you over after you bought them a bunch of drinks?

Brendon tells a story about a girl coming right up to him in a club and asking him to buy her a drink.  They all said, Fuck No to that approach.

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