Thursday, July 15, 2010

Britney is Fed Up

Last night she told Annie that Brendon's story "doesn't add up".  She tried to ask him questions about his swimming coach experience and got the runaround.  He started talking about how he "got laid off two years ago", and that "he has worked with different swimming programs".  And he also told her that he majored in "general studies".  Britney knows that is bullshit.

She is also fed up with Annie, and her "chunky midsection" and having to see her "frontal wedge".  Monet agrees to all of this, and it is clear that they have discussed this before.

Britney:  Where do you even get sweatpants like that?  It's like...geriatric pants.  I feel like I could create a mold of her vagina just from having to look at those pants.

Britney and Monet both think they are gaining weight.  Monet reminds her that the camera adds 10 pounds.

Britney:  So I'm not just overweight---I'm now obese!

She mentions how skinny Jordan is in real life, and how she was like Shamu by the time she came out of the house.

[This was part of last night's BB activity.]

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