Friday, July 16, 2010

Britney: Do You Think She Really is a Bi-Sexual?

and the girls are rehashing what Annie told them about her girlfriend Jen.  They think that part is true, but they're not sure.

Matt:  No more twist----I guess they know what a bust that was.

The Saboteur video they saw morphed into Annie, and the voice was different.  They are all freaking out and this will be the topic for the next few days. 

Britney:  So last night when we were saying that Julie was telling her who the Saboteur was, Julie was asking her what she did wrong!

Matt:  Worst twist ever!

Someone said she was a Shitty Saboteur.  Ha ha ha.   Matt loves that they cracked on the Saboteur for 13 days and now it's over.  Enzo thinks she took his hat, which has been missing for some time now.

Yesterday Britney was telling the guys about her DR session, and she said they had to ask her twice:  "Britney, without criticizing the Saboteur, can you tell us....." .  And they all cracked up and we got DOTS.

Well, we're not going to see much of this conversation on the CBS show.  Lots of blatant criticism about the twist and how lame and bogus it was.  Hayden "feels so good about himself" right now.  Britney says they are going to laugh when they see her DR sessions accusing people of being the Saboteur.

Andrew was sure that it was Matt, because he was ripping on the Saboteur the worst in the house and was so patronizing about it.   Ragan says that Season 11 would NEVER have figured it out and that they made history by eliminating the twist on Week #1.

Britney is a Have Not, too, and is taking Matt's cot in the Have Not room.

Matt:  There's some good energy on that cot.

Damn that is one hideous tattoo on his left shoulder, huh?  What in the world would possess someone to put a picture of that on their body?  I guess Satan might possess someone, but other than that......

Matt:  We are the best cast ever!

Now they are figuring out that the unanimous vote to evict last night should have tipped them off, because The Saboteur would have voted differently to cast suspicions.  Britney took her first cold shower and reports that it was "cold".

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  1. The tattoo is Toxie from the Toxic Avenger and the smiley face is the Nirvana logo.


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