Friday, July 16, 2010

Britney and Monet Plan to Take It Like Men

They are in the Have Not room (their new home) and are bracing themselves to be nominated soon.  Rachel is still in the DR and they know when she comes out, it will happen.

They are rehashing the competition today and feel like everyone targeted them.  Lane kept hitting Britney in the face and it hurt her.  She called him out on that (shocking) and he denied it.

Apparently they had to be on some sort of hill and then they slid down.  They think they would have been better off going up higher (?).  Rachel and Kristin were very buddy-buddy during the comp, I think.

TRIVIA again.  I guess they are about to hold the nomination ceremony. 

[I pulled a back muscle working out yesterday so I am in tonight and will be posting the results as they come in.  I am going to take a Soma (bliss) but I will wait until after the noms to do so.]

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