Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brendon's Down

and yelled Fuck when he fell. 

Now we're down to Ragan, Andrew, and Matt.  Ragan congratulates the other two and says it's an honor to be up there with them.

It definitely seems like they are relieved that Brendon's down, but Matt needs to worry about Andrew winning.

Matt gives a shout out to the Live Feed Nerds.  Hi Matt.

Andrew asks for a time check from the "one with the fan up there"---I guess he is talking to the crew guys on the roof--kind of funny.

Matt asked if somebody could go inside to get his wedding ring----he could use some inspiration.  I think BB said no because we had a quick DOTS and then Matt was saying, "that's okay ladies, I'll still be right here".

Now cold water comes down and it must be miserable.

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