Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brendon Opens Up

while talking to Ragan alone in the backyard.

He's never been a fighter, and he was always picked on in school.  Ragan wants to know why.

Brendon:  Well, when I was younger, I was in all the gay classes.

*** Alert Alert Alert***

Ragan:  Gay classes?

Brendon: Well, the smart classes.  And I was smaller and they all just picked on me constantly when I was going home from school.  And then one day, one of the guys who was picking on my was shot.  It had something to do with what he had on.......and it was all over....

BB didn't like that, and cut to one of the dark bedrooms.

I think the kid got shot for wearing gang colors or something like that.  **Interesting***  A bonding moment for Brendon and Ragan......Ragan didn't seem mad about the "Gay Classes" comment, under the circumstances.

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