Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brendon Is Up

and he started a pot of coffee before getting in the shower.  He looks deep in thought, staring at something outside of the shower.  Looks like he might be mentally calculating something.  He doesn't have to wear his game face right now--no one is watching him.

(Except for us, of course.)

He's probably the only HG (other than the Brigade) who is relaxed today, because he will not be in the nomination chair due to his POV win.

This should be an action-packed day, once they have that POV meeting and last night's plan is put into place.

(i.e. Annie is getting her ass handed to her.)

***Important Update***

Boxers, not briefs.  Specifically, plaid boxers, deftly pulled up with one hand while he held up a towel with the other hand.  Unlike many past and present HG, he did not put on his undies in the shower stall---he did it in the middle of the BR like a man.  Ha ha.

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