Friday, July 30, 2010

Breakfast Burritos,

Brendon's concoction turns out to be.
Enzo is thrilled to have a good night's sleep, and is eating turkey bacon standing up and is excited to drink coffee.

Ragan only slept for 4 hours but it was a good sound sleep and he feels great.  He doesn't like onions, so he opts out of Brendon's burritos and has some cereal instead.
They were joking earlier about what the prizes and punishments will be today in the competition.

Ragan:  We will have to see a movie starring Katherine Heigel and her twin sister, called Twin Love!

They joke that the winner will get a new car, and the loser will see footage of their car at home being repossesed.  They also joked about Matt having to wear a tampon costume.

Rachel:  Was that, like, the most intense live show ever?

Ragan remembers seeing flashbacks of what happened during the vote in previous seasons (i.e. the HG arguing on the couches), but can't remember a show like this.  He mentions arguments after the HOH competition (like Evel Dick and Jameka, maybe?) but never a combo of fights like they had.

Brendon offers Kristen breakfast but she says "I'm good..thank you!" and goes to the sink.  Rachel asks Brendon to refill her coffee and Silk milk.

Slight bit of tension in there now.....which Rachel combats by tossing her hair around.

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