Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Attention Big Brother:

Matt would like you to know that he is finished with the computer in the HOH Room.  He would come in the DR and tell them so, but Kristin is in the DR.  (Matt just finished his HOH Blog.)

Matt said he typed and typed and asked them if he had to stick to certain topics, or if they would edit it, but they told him they would post the entire blog.

(That would explain Rachel's hot mess last week.)

Matt:  That was fun.  It was a good release.

Hayden thinks she will be in the DR for awhile---BB will need to discuss this morning's drama with her so they can air it tomorrow night.

Matt:  Who's locked in the Cabana Room?

Hayden:  Brendon, Rachel and Andrew.

Matt:  No, Andrew's in the kitchen.

Hayden:  Hmm.  Interesting..

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