Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Andrew, to Ragan

Andrew:  I know you are good friends with Kristin, but I am asking you to just keep your mind open until the final vote.  (his voice is cracking and he is about to cry)  The last few days have been hard, and no one has come to talk to me, if you can just wait until the last minute, please wait until the end.

(I guess after he calls out Kristin and Hayden during the Live Show??)

Andrew:  I like Kristin, but I take offense that she only talks to Kathy and not me.  And I'm supposed to feel okay with that.  I thought Kristin was with me, and she took great offense to me. Just please keep this in your head, to wait.

Ragan:  Everything Kristin has said about you, sans whatever what said this morning, has always been overwhelmingly positive.  I don't want you to think she has been talking bad to you.  I know it seems like she has been hanging out with Kathy a lot, but maybe Kathy requested that.  It must be really hard, especially since it seems like everybody else has a really close friend..

Andrew nods.

Ragan:  I will always keep an open mind in this game, but the things I see that don't make sense from a game sense are the attacks on Brendon.  First being what was said during the POV meeting, and what you said by the pool when I said the people who had been Have Nots twice--you said that Brendon deserved to be a Have Not again.

Now Andrew tells Ragan that there is more to the story than this, and to keep an open mind until "after the meeting". (I guess he means the Live Show.)  Andrew is insinuating that there is something more to his relationship with Brendon that Ragan needs to find out later.

Ragan:  It just seemed mean to me.

He compares it to bullying, and Ragan knows bullying when he sees it.

Ragan:  Whatever the illusions may be, and whoever is complicit in those illusions....I can't say anymore, but the truth will set you free.

Andrew thanks him. Ragan recognizes Andrew's rough week, and the especially rough morning.

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