Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Andrew Hurt Kathy Personally

with something he said about Kristin.

Kathy:  I could care less what you say about me, but what you said about her upset me.

I have no idea what all this is about, but I guess Andrew came in to the room and told them that he had been played like a fiddle and congratulated Kathy on "having the week".

Andrew:  Kristin controls everything around here.

Kathy:  What??  (Andrew repeated it.)  No, she don' me!

Now Andrew apologizes for hurting her and says he felt all alone and he still wants to talk to her and there's only a few days left.  Kathy starts with blah blah blah stirring up emotions.

Andrew:  What are you talking about....emotions?  I don't have anybody in this house.  At least you have somebody.  I'm all alone.  No one talks to me in this house!  You know that.
Kathy reminds him that he has Brendon, who has already told her that he will not be voting for her because Andrew is his friend.

[This is kind of sad to watch.]

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