Friday, July 16, 2010

All Quiet in the HOH---Well, Sort Of.

Rachel and Brendon are trying to sleep.  I think Rachel would succeed if Brendon would stop whining about how he can't sleep.  Which he obviously can, from the sound of the breathing.  Not snoring per se, but just heavy sleep breathing.

There are still occasional beeping noises, and something new.  It sounds like a kitten crying every now and then.  It was loud enough to wake up my dog, who is napping within 10 feet of me.  She jumped up and ran to the window, barking.

The handiwork of Annie the Saboteur?  Perhaps.

Maybe the crew will tell the cast about the beeping devices so they can find and destroy them.  I can't imagine the camera crew enjoys hearing them, either.

I'm going to watch some Flashbacks from last night and report back here, pronto.

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