Saturday, July 10, 2010

Afternoon at the Pool

OK, maybe it's more of a kiddie pond, but it's all they've got there in the BB House.

Yes, Brendon is there right in front of her.  She discussed her boob job yesterday--I think she said she has only had one surgery, but she started out with C-cups, so she wasn't flat.  She has been wearing an old swimsuit that she got before her surgery because she thinks that it makes her boobs look bigger.

 Kristin is the only other girl in the house that the guys know has had a Boob Job.  A few of the guys would have thought Britney had surgery if they didn't know her, but now that they know her they realize she isn't the type of girl to do it.  (Plus, her boobs look real.)

They didn't discuss Kathy.  I haven't seen her in a bikini top (that I know of) so I can't comment on that.  It's a possibility is all I'll say about that.

Ragan always seems to be right there, participating in every conversation.  Never really leading it, just supporting and reflecting and generally being agreeable.  Strategy?  Probably.   Just after I took this screenshot,  Ragan appeared to pick his nose.  Sorry I missed that for you.

Kristin said that everyone's feet are the EXACT same size as the length of their forearms.  Rachel has heard that and it's weird.

[I was ready to call bullshit on that, but I just tried it on myself and it looks like it may be true.  Strange.]

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