Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Feel a Fight Coming On

and it is going to be about the macaroni-and-cheese that Rachel is making.  Brendon is territorial about the kitchen, so he is watching her and talking to her about her cooking technique.

There is tension.

Rachel: Haven't you ever had baked mac and cheese?

Brendon:  No.  I don't really eat mac and cheese.

Rachel:  Oh, right.  Because of the cheese.  Well, I'm from the south and this is how I learned to cook.  Fat, cheese and sugar.

She piled it all in a 13 x 9 Pyrex dish and then put slices of swiss cheese on top before putting it in the oven.

Brendon:  You're putting cheese on top, too?

Rachel, tersely: Yes.  You have to layer it.

Brendon:  Wow.  That's a lot of cheese.  A lot of fat.  Saturated fat.

Rachel:  That's the fun kind of fat.

Brendon: What?

Rachel:  Nothing.  Just kidding...not really.

Brendon nags at her to set the oven timer, and then corrects her on the amount of time, and the proper temperature.

She wanted him to come upstairs with her but he waited for a few minutes, going up later.

Kristin Plans to Approach Britney

to get her to use the POV.  (That ought to be good.)

Kathy, whispering:  I wonder how sharp she is....
Kristin wants to figure out a plan "while her head's on straight, before she goes crazy again".

Kristin: I'll tell her that she can use me as a pawn anytime she wants...that's a big thing!

(No it's not.)

Kathy: She don't think like we do....she's on the wrong side.

Kristin is Back

but she isn't wearing her hippietard yet.  She says she "can't wait to see it".  Matt says she's going to rock it.

She asked questions about Hayden's new quarters.  They discovered that Hayden's little toilet area has no camera, so it is probably the only private spot in the house.

Matt:  What are you doing now, Hayden?

Kristin:  Do they have anything for you to sit on in there?

Hayden: There is a beach chair. And a toilet...I can sit on the toilet.

 Hayden curses and Lane jokes that there are only two flushes. Kristin leaves to look for Kathy.

Lane asks if there are pillows in there, and Hayden says, yeah, there's a couple...

Lane:  Put 'em under the sheets and sneak out!


Confinement for Hayden

and there is a little toilet with a curtain around it.  It flushes, and has water, but it is going to smell in there.

He is holding and working on a large French baguette, so I guess he is on slop, bread and water.  Matt and Ragan are talking to him through the wall.

Ragan suggests he stick his penis into the sharks mouth (?).  Matt wants him to draw some strange reprimands from BB. 

Here is Hayden's little homeless person's storage drum.
Matt:  I love French bread.

Ragan:  I know..I wish we had some French bread!

Matt:  Hayden's got it so good in there.

Hayden is moving around nonstop and looking around.  He doesn't seem too upset.  BB told him that after the competition he had to go immediately to the bedroom to get a sweater and then go to confinement.

Now Hayden is behind the toilet curtain.
Kristin is STILL in the DR.

Brendon Takes Out the Trash

Ha ha ha ha

24 Hour Confinement?

I think Hayden might have won that, and Kristin has to wear the unitard costume all week.

Brendon just told Rachel in the SR that the "worst possible scenario for both of them happened".  Rachel "can't even believe what just happened".

It's a "hippie-tard".

I think Brenden and Rachel suspect that someone might have thrown the comp, and they think that the person "just didn't want to wear the hippietard."

Maybe Hayden didn't really try to win?  No sign of him yet....maybe in confinement?  Yes, he is confined in the Have Not room!! I just saw him!

The group in Jumanji call out to him and say that if he wants to talk, they're there for him.  All he has to do is speak up. 

Mazel Tov, Captain Kosher!

Enzo Spits Blood

when he talks to Lane in the kitchen.  They are whispering and Enzo approaches Rachel's picture on the wall and says he can't wait to nominate them next week.

Enzo: Rachel needs to get the fuck out of there, because she's mouthy.

Now Enzo says that Ragan is playing everybody and he needs to get the fuck out of there, too.

Enzo:  Kristin's gone, and this is all jury house now.

Enzo can't wait to start throwing the word Brigade around.  Rachel must have taken the letter or call from home from him.  I hope he's not on slop.

Enzo sees the garbage needs to be taken out and starts to do it.  He addresses America and says he will do this one time, and only once.
Enzo:  Wait a minute...

Lane:  Just fuck it!....Leave it!.....Brendon will take it out, you know he will.

Enzo, stops with the trash:  Yeah, this ain't a Brigade job!  (addressing America)  This is their job! Not a Brigade job!

Britney Won POV!

and it's her second so far this season.

I read a rumor that Kristin has the unitard----maybe that is why she just went to the collect her costume?

Kathy sure is calm now---she is warming up some salmon from last night with Enzo and pouring some sweet tea.
Enzo is a juice guy, though, and drinks almost a whole glass of that red stuff in one long swallow.  He is VERY Non-Enzo right now---stabbing at his food and not saying a word.  His body language is really tight.

He must have gotten a punishment from someone.  This was a good one, I think.

Kathy asked him a question and he totally ignored her.  Oooo.  This is going to be good.

We're Back

and one thing's for sure---Kristin did not win POV.

I am guessing that Hayden didn't, either, or else maybe she would have a spark of life?

We'll see.  Kristin is immediately called to the DR and Kathy goes to the WC

POV Competition, Now in Progress

Michelle, of course. 

Matt May Have a Problem

Enzo and Lane are whispering in the bedroom.  It sounds like they might put Matt and Ragan up if they have to--they feel that Hayden is on the block this week because Matt didn't do what he needed to do last week.

W.O.W.  We knew this would happen eventually.

I don't think it will happen before Brendon and Rachel are gone, but the first crack in the Brigade is already there---Matt's teammates are not happy with his wasted HOH effort last week.

Kristin's Job is Probably Gone

by now, since she has been gone nearly 6 weeks.  She is the manager of some sort of shoe store and the owners could only take over for so long.

She had been saving up to move for awhile, but now she probably can't, since she will need to live off her savings.  It is hard to find jobs where she lives, and it is going to be tough to replace that income.
Kathy grabs her hand and says "you can do it...I know you can do it".

Kristin thinks she will never be able to "live that down", meaning Andrew's little Live Show Tirade.

Kristin:  That could have cost me the game.

Kathy:  Sometimes what costs us the game is the lies, too.  You have to play the game, sure, but the absolute, malicious lies...that is a weakness, and they are a very unhappy person.  It's not the right thing to do, and this has happened here over and over and over....  I'm so sick of hearing "I"m Sorry" and "Thank You".  Around here those words are nothin'.

Kathy is acting like she is the one on the block.  "Poor, poor me".  Odds are her ass isn't going anywhere this week.  I guess she's losing her friend, but I think she is overplaying her act a little.


Scroll up to that top picture of Kristin.  This isn't the first time I've seen the hint of a mustache on her.

The Irony of It All

The HOH Team is curled up in bed discussing how Kristin needs to go home.  I don't think anything nasty is happening, they are talking good game talk and aren't fighting for a change.
They are talking about Andrew's performance at the Live Show--they both loved it when Julie Chen barked at Kristin that it wasn't her time to talk.

Rachel is using the fact that Hayden and Kristin talked shit about Enzo all the time but try to be his friend now as a reason why Kristin needs to go.   Also the bad things she said about Ragan--having him under her thumb.  Brendon says that Ragan hasn't really been hanging around Kristin much since then.


If you listen to Andrew's long interview with Julie Chen after eviction (see post with link earlier today) he admitted that he made up the part about Enzo and Ragan during his speech, but the rest was true.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Cheers to Andrew, who put this all in motion.

Rachel:  She's just a spider-eating, burp and fart machine!

(That's the influence of our Britney on Rachel.  Rachel wants so much to be pals with Britney--maybe she knows that Britney is well-liked by the audience due to her cute-as-a-buttoness or something).

Brendon wants them to stop even talking about Kristin winning HOH--he is superstitious about it and it has happened over and over again in this game---self-fulfilling prophecies.

(By the way, the two of them supposedly had full-out intercourse last night but I haven't watched that Flashback. Not sure I want to, anyway, but my reporting duties to you will probably come first.  Maybe during the POV I will work up the courage to watch it.)

Brendon is not a big Matt fan and distrusts him.  Rachel feels that with this many people left in the house, it is okay to have him around.  She feels that Ragan is their biggest ally at this point.

Pow Wow in the HOH

and Brendon and Rachel are under the covers like John and Yoko and chatting with Britney and Ragan.

Rachel is telling them about her conversation with Kristin this morning---Kristin agreed to protect her if possible and they agreed to disagree, blah blah blah.

This is weird:

Rachel was telling Britney about Kristin accusing them about having a three-person alliance (or something like that) and then:

Rachel, to Ragan:  I'm sorry Ragan...I know you don't like talking about this, but is it okay if I tell her about it?

(What?  When did Ragan become the Judge of All Conversations?)

Britney points out that there may not be any prizes---just a plain old veto competition.  Ragan overrules that idea and lectures the room on the types of prizes that will be awarded---TVs, trips, cash, etc.  Ragan doesn't think that there will be punishments.

From your mouth to Allison's headset, Ragan.

Meanwhile, downstairs:

Enzo is pumping himself up by talking trash about Brendon, calling him a Needle Dick (ha ha) and saying they're lyin' cheatin' bastards.

Uh oh.....Hayden just told Enzo that if he wins and takes Hayden off the block, there is a good chance that Kathy would go up.  (but basically putting Matt at risk).

It sounds to me that Hayden would put Ho's before Bros---choosing Kristin over keeping the Brigade together.

They haven't watched the movie they won yet---Enzo thinks they will watch that tonight.
In the bathroom Hayden gets in the shower and Kristin is at the mirror and tells him he looks cute.  Then her comes cockblocker Kathy, who has already changed clothes four times today.  She's not playing in the Veto, so what is she all worried about?

POV Rumor

Now, you know I hate to gossip (ha ha ha), but I did some poking around this morning and there is some sort of rumor out there that journalists or reporters might be involved in the competition.

Basically someone tweeted that "they were told to wear dark colors" and we should "watch on Saturday".


I do think this batch of HG think they have it all figured out---with the competitions and the prize speculation, etc.  I hope Allison Grodner has been practicing her curveball so she can sling it at us.

That whole Pandora's Box thing better be improved from last year, too. 

I think the competition should have strippers and go-go boys on the pole and in cages.  But that's just me.

POV Picks

have just been completed and Britney is up in the HOH with Brendon and Rachel strategizing.

They feel good about who got picked.  They really think that there will be prizes that would include a letter from home, appliances, trips, and of course the POV.    Britney wants Enzo to wear the unitard, if anyone does, because he would be so funny.

Rachel:  What if there is like a sick cash prize?

Brendon:  Well, we know it won't be more than $10,000.

Britney:  I would use it as a downpayment on a house.

Brendon feels that he and Rachel already have targets on them, even if they win a big prize.  He points out that things are different for Britney---it might hurt her if she wins a nice prize.

Who is playing?  Not Kathy, for one thing.  (So that means the Brigade is likely to be 100% safe this week, as Kathy would be the one nominated if either Hayden or Kristin  are taken off the block.)

Enzo is playing, as is Ragan and Britney.  Brendon is going to host the competition.

Hayden and Kristin are bummed---they really only have each other to win.  It's a crapshoot.

In the kitchen, Matt tells Lane that Julie Chen asked him about the brigade during their private live chat, and we get DOTS.


Rachel and Brendon went upstairs with their breakfasts to chat about what has happened this morning.  Rachel was talking about what Kathy said to her about using the Veto (if she plays and wins it).

They got into YET ANOTHER tiff and Brendon said he doesn't like it when she speaks to him like she does.  She is really sorry about it but he keeps elaborating on conversations that he didn't like.

In the middle of this Rachel spills her cup of coffee all over one of the blue cloth HOH room chairs, and all over that white rug.  (I would have thought Cro Magnon Hayden would have been the one to mess it up, but he didn't.)
She has been scrubbing and scrubbing and I can't believe BB hasn't told her to "Knock it Off!".  Removing a stain is one thing, but having to replace big chunks of pulled-out shag rug is quite another.

Brendon showed the level of hostility that he has by bringing up something Britney said last night.  They were all practicing the pinball-type machine game in the backyard and I guess Brendon decided to stop, or skip a turn or something.

Britney said, "I hope Rachel doesn't find out about that!"

Implying, of course, that Brendon is pussywhipped by Rachel and her Jugs.

Rachel looked at the camera several times and said "I'm sorry" (about the coffee spill) and Brendon said, "that's okay", as if she were talking to him.

Andrew's Exit Interview with Julie Chen

I am taking a brief Flashback break and just watched Andrew's extended interview with Julie.

The last half of the conversation is really interesting---he discusses how he dumped his girlfriend before coming on the show!  I know Julie will revisit this cliffhanger on the live finale September 15th!

If your time is tight, my advice would be to skip the first interview at the link--it is just excerpts from the TV show and snippets from the 12 minute interview linked just below it.  (They used the short interview for the Early Show.)

Andrew did a great job with Julie and I would feel very confident putting my feet in his hands. 

Flashback From Last Night - Part IV

I watched the fight between Brendon and Rachel that occurred after nominations last night while I did some household chores. I carried my laptop around while I cleaned the bathroom, did some Windexing, etc.

This turned out to be a good plan, because much of the fight was not quote-worthy.  It's not like we're discussing Jeff and Jordan here.

OK, here we go.

The fight took place mostly while they sat on the edge of the bathtub in the HOH bathroom---to avoid anyone overhearing it outside, I guess.  Brendon was very upset at her conduct during the Nomination Ceremony.   He felt that she was vindictive and mean, and this will continue to make sure the target will be firmly on their backs.

Rachel counters this by saying (very strongly) that they have a target on them anyways!  They will always have to fight for their lives in the game, and they should be considered a strong asset to someone in the house who wants to make a deal!

Brendon agrees with the basic premise of this argument, but would just like her to tone down her behavior and not make it so personal and nasty.  Then he brings up her drunken behavior last night and calls it "erratic" and "irrational".

Well, these two words did not go over well at all.  They ended up going around and around and ending up in bed with "make up kisses".  He points out that he wants to be with her outside the game and they have to learn how to communicate without getting so emotional and storming out of the room.

Rachel wants to take a shower so she can be clean for the movie tonight---otherwise she is going to be in a bad mood.  She blames Brendon for messing up a "perfectly made bed" and he makes a leering comment about messing it up later.

Brendon leaves to cook some tuna steaks and rice and Rachel gets called to the DR.  I guess they saw all this and wanted to give her a heads up before she got into the shower regarding the logistics of the movie, the timing, etc.

Typically they set up a little movie screen in the HOH with a popcorn machine and a wide assortment of candy and snacks.  They always smuggle the candy out afterwards so I guess Britney will get her fix of sugar eventually.


Let's quickly review something we know about Brendon's past.  He was with a woman for 2.5 years and they were engaged.  She dumped him but refused to give the ring back.  He took her to court and got it back.  I think this happened within the last year.  I'm not sure if the HG know this whole story.

I understand his point of view on this, but I can't imagine what kind of person (the fiance included) would let it get to that level of conflict.  Seriously, going to court?  If she was that big of a bitch, then why was he so besotted with her in the first place?

So, I'm sure Brendon's family has been to hell and back already as a result of his romantic decisions.  They can't be digging the whole "Brenchel" situation.  (I don't like to use that term.)  Particularly after the HUGE blow out they had last week over how Rachel doesn't believe in prenuptial agreements.  They must just cringe whenever they see Rachel and her Jugs on the TV screen.

Flashback From Last Night - Part III

And here comes Rachel again...

Rachel:  And I know I already said this, but if you guys need a chance to talk.....and you both have a chance to win POV. I just want you to know that it is not anything personal--it's just a game.  I don't want to every go back to fighting with you again.  And that whole, bring it on thing was nothing personal---it was like, on TV.

Hayden:  So, you'd take a shot at us on TV, but not personally...

(more words)

Rachel:  Like, whatever....

And she storms out of the room.

Kristin:  Like we fucking care!

***and SCENE***

Hayden leaves and heads upstairs to the HOH!

Hayden goes in and says I'm sorry.

Rachel:  Like, I get it.  If you or Kristin just nominated me and said Bring It On, I would take it personal too.

Hayden:  I understand it was on TV, but you didn't have to take personal jabs.

Rachel wants them to like, fight for it and they deserve to like, fight for it.

Hayden has won 3 out of 5 competitions he has been in (many were team challenges).  He points out there are many others who haven't "done a fucking thing".

[Did you notice what is different about Rachel in the above picture?  She has clothes on!  No cleavage!  She is dressed like a mime but I think it is a refreshing change.]

Rachel:  Like, Brendon didn't even like, know what I was going to do.  He was like, like what are you doing?  Don't gun for Brendon..he had nothing to do with this.

Hayden:  Brendon came in and apologized for you and we said, he is genuinely a good guy.

Rachel tells him to go after her, not Brendon.  Their is a pinball-type contraption in the backyard--or skeeball maybe that should be part of the POV competition tomorrow.

They are also excited about watching the movie tonight---Hayden doesn't want it to be awkward.  Brendon told her to separate her emotions from her game play and she is trying to do that.

(Enzo, Hayden, Brendon and Rachel will be watching a Will Farrell movie tonight.)

Flashback From Last Night - Part II

We're still on the Kristin-Hayden scene.
Kristin:  Well, (smirking), we might as well make the most of this week!

Hayden:  Yeah.....Let's keep it G-rated, though.

Kristin:  Of course!

They decide not to tell anyone that they are really hooking up until the Jury House--they can just watch it on TV. They both wonder if TV made it look like they did something.  They conclude that the answer to that is yes, probably they did.

(I saw some under the covers action of some sort.....but I guess they have the right to reconstruct history as they see fit.)

Flashback From Last Night - Part I

I start the Flashback just as the feeds returned after the Nomination ceremony last night.

Of course, Kristin and Hayden have been nominated, and we begin our coverage on Kathy and Kristin in bed, whispering and being sad in general.  Hayden came in and perched on the bed and is saying all the usual things---he can't wait to be HOH next week, they should have evicted Brendon and Rachel when they could, etc.
As you might guess, a conversation involving this power trio of communicators has a lot of dead air and non-pregnant pauses.  (I am looking forward to a camera change to a more lively group, but when you watch a Flashback you are kind of stuck with what you see unless you start over.)
There was one semi-exciting moment in the conversation when attention turned to a bandaid on Hayden's left shin.  They discuss the adhesive on it, and Hayden pulls at it like he might pull it off.  But sadly, that did not happen.  I would have liked to see the wound to maximize my entertainment dollar.
Here is the order that Rachel pulled the keys---they know the order is significant.

1  Brendon
2  Britney
3  Ragan
4  Lane
5  Enzo
6  Matt
7  Kathy

Kathy finds a way to make herself the saddest person in the room, although she is the only one not nominated.  Her eyelashes are super spider-like tonight and extra scary. 
Kathy:  I guess she let me know my order---I'm next.


Rachel bursts in, and I could swear that she swung the door wide open so that it hit the wall.  No knock, no gentle peek inside, just bursting into the room like she was swinging open a saloon door, jugs blazing.

Rachel, biting out the words:  Hey.  I just want you to know there is like, no hard feelings.  What I said was like, not personal and I want you to like, believe that.

She crashes out of there just as abruptly as she came in.  They kind of sigh and then resume their silence.

I wonder if Rachel has had a drinkie-poo yet tonight?  Hmmm.  We might be in for a treat.  I am going to continue to watch the Flashback for awhile---supposedly Rachel and Brendon will get into yet another fight!

I am loving the new, unhinged Rachel.  Ha ha ha.

BB:  Kathy, please exchange your microphone for one in the storage room!

BB must be fucking with us and her---she says nothing, but they want to hear it better? 

After she left, it is clear to see that BB wanted Hayden to have a moment alone with Kristin.  Apparently Rachel talked about them making out in her speech.  Because Hayden immediately starts justifying their level of physical contact to Kristin in whispered tones.

Hayden:  We were only kissing and cuddling...there is nothing wrong with that!  It's not like we were making tents up in the HOH!

Kristin nods.  She actually sat up to have this conversation, which is a big energy burst for her.  They both know that Kathy knows that the only way one of them can stay is if she in nominated in place of one of them, due to the veto.

Kristin actually says that she thinks Enzo would use the Veto on her. Hayden manages to not crack up at this.

Hayden:  We'll see.  If we're supposed to go home now, then we'll go home now.

Kristin:  But week #4---that sucks.

Hayden:  Would you have wanted to go home during week #5 or #6?

Kristin:  I would prefer not to go home at all!

Hayden calculates that they have been in the house for exactly 5 weeks now.  I know they are both calculating how long they have known each other---the feelings appear to be genuine between them, but as we all know the game will get in the way.

Hayden would love to "deck" Captain Kosher right now.  Kristin doesn't want to compete against Hayden, but he says if either one of them win the Veto, they both have a chance to stay.

Kristin:  If I'm against anyone but Kathy, I'll go home.

I know that Hayden is hoping to God that Kristin doesn't win the Veto.  And if Kathy played and won it, he would be equally screwed.

Well, the Brigade would be screwed.


Here comes Brendon, who also neglected to knock or enter slowly.  He wants to apologize for Rachel and knows how it feels to be on the block, he is sorry, etc.

Hayden, after he leaves:  I think he might actually be a good guy.  Not so sure about Rachel.....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Nomination Time

[Will, of course.]

Before the meeting between Rachel and Kristin, I was willing to bet that Kristin would be nominated.  Now I'm not so sure.

Lane and Kathy--that's my wild guess.  Maybe Kristin and Lane, though. 

Who the hell knows, really?

Me and My Man....

when someone tries to mess with Rachel and her man, she's going to defend herself.
I don't think the meeting between Rachel and Kristin is going well.  They are trying to have a conversation but they both keep raising their voices.

Kristin is all, "you, you and you" and "I am playing this game differently then everybody else" and "I am not a floater".

She never meant to let it blow out of proportion---she thinks they both got defensive, and both she and Rachel are very defensive people.  They both will do whatever it takes to protect themselves and the people they are close to.

Kristin:  That's why I like you, Rachel.  I do sincerely apologize for making you feel excluded this past week.

Rachel:  If you stay in this house this week, I feel like you are coming after me.

Kristin:  This game is tit-for-tat.  And that's the way this game should be played.  And that's the reason why the whole house is after you--you both keep winning and there's no tit-for-tat for that.

They have calmed down quite a bit but Kristin is doing most of the talking (a miracle).  I can't tell what Rachel is thinking. 

Kristin:  The reason why I didn't accept your apology last night is that I was really heated.  And a majority of the things that were said last night were untrue.  Whether it was you or Andrew, they weren't true in my opinion.  And I'd like to play this game as clean as possible.

Rachel:  Then just explain to me one thing--why did you fall off the board so soon?

Kristin:  I just slipped and was standing backwards.  When Kathy fell, I fell. I am a sore, sore loser and I hate to lose.  You know I am a tough competitor----you saw me eat that spider!  I swear on my mother's life that I did not fall off on purpose.

Kristin kind of makes a veiled threat that she is a rational person, and whatever Rachel does to her, she will take that into consideration.

Rachel:  I do know what you mean, Kristin.

Now Kristin is sucking up by saying that if she nominated them, they always turn it around and that would hurt her---why wouldn't she nominate someone weak?

Rachel toots her own horn---"over half of the people that have left are because of her" (?), and that she has earned everything she won.  And for the POVs, she was right there next to Brendon.

Kristin:  Just go with your gut, Rachel. Because when I do that, I'm always right.  Even if you put me up there, do what is right and what is best for you. And I wish things didn't get the way they did...we're both defensive people and we both felt threatened.  It was situational and I don't want us to get like that again.  I'll do it, but I don't want to.

Brigade Meeting

in the kitchen as Lane updates the other three guys about his conversation with the HOH Team.

Lane report that he mentioned that they were just too competitive for him, and that Rachel wants to put together a fun Jury House.  They are using making sandwiches as a cover for the conversation and say "Hey Ragan" as he walks through.

They break up when they see Kristin coming, who is on her way upstairs! (She just told Kathy that she has a "huge pride problem" and is dreading going up there.)
Love the headband look on Hayden. 

Lane starts flirting with Kathy and saying he feels some bad vibes from her today.  She says she's in a good mood--anytime she gets to play cops and robbers she's happy.  (The comp was a prison theme.)

Kristin came back down because Britney was up there.  Oh the drama.

Scrambling at an Unprecedented Level

this afternoon in preparation for the nominations.  Hayden and Kristin are in the SR and he is practically begging her to go upstairs and talk to Rachel & Brendon.
She doesn't want to go and says she won't promise them anything like everybody else is doing.  They are arguing a little bit and there is a lot of tension. Hayden wants to position Kathy to go home and Kristin isn't happy about that at all.   Hayden cursed Matt for not addressing the showmance situation last week.

The competition this afternoon was a movie competition--Enzo, Rachel, Brendon and I think Hayden won and rumor is that it is a Will Ferrall movie.  With Marky Mark in it, too. 

Britney and Matt did not win, I do know that.

Hayden:  We've got to make it out this week---we have to do it.

There has apparently been a steady pilgrimage up to the HOH room in the past hour---Lane and Enzo have been up there, and it sounds like Hayden indirectly threw Matt under the bus earlier today.


as some sort of competition gets underway in the backyard.  A house food competition?  A luxury challenge?  A little bit of both?

The answer, of course is Pepperoni, which is kind of a stupid name for a dog.  Pumpkin or Peanut would be fine, but Pepperoni?  I think not.

Before the break, Hayden was in the HOH room with both Brendon and Rachel.  I listened as much as I could, but had a client call me and I had to turn down the sound for awhile.

Basically, Rachel likes Hayden and doesn't want to nominate him with Kristin.  Hayden wants to know who else they would nominate and I don't think he ever got a straight answer.  (Previously with the Brigade, Hayden said he would want to be nominated next to Kristin so he doesn't have to vote against her, for Jury House reasons.  And probably tits-and-ass reasons--no need to be deprived in that Jury House.)

They went round and round and Hayden wouldn't name any names.  He is kind of losing his cool, because Rachel asked him who in the house he likes.

Hayden:  I like Lane....and Enzo.......and Matt......and also Ragan.....but these are people that I like, I don't know how they feel about me.

(Way to call out the Brigade, Hayden.)

Just the other day Hayden scolded Matt because when they pulled their keys when Matt was HOH, they were all one right after another.

Rachel told Hayden that she felt that if Enzo or Lane had won HOH, both she and Brendon would be on the block.

A little earlier, Rachel was very lucidly describing her thoughts about some of the HG with Brendon. With Lane, she has watched him compete in three POVs, and he was out the first round every time.  And when he was in the final against her for HOH last night, she felt like it was by default.  (true)  So she's not sure about him---is just not good under pressure?  Or is he holding back?

(Sounds like Lane is a nomination candidate.)

Boo Hoo

And Kathy tells Kristin not to let her (Rachel) get to you.
Kristin:  I would never let her get to me.  I'm just sad, that's all....
Real tears.  Lots of sniffling.  And so on.

Matt is Making Slop.

Yes, slop.
He thinks the days of someone being a Have Not for a week are over. (Wrong, Matt.)

Matt: But what the fuck do I know?

Exactly Matt, exactly.

Meanwhile Lane dishes up a big plate of eggs.  Brendon is happy to cook for everyone after someone else made those "hamburgers from God" last night.  Matt asks why he and Rachal like Silk---are they lactose intolerant, or do they like the taste?

Matt doesn't know that milk has protein.  (What?)  Brendon bought soy milk because it lasts so much longer than regular milk and got used to it.

Enzo is So Funny,

I don't even know if I can describe it properly.

Britney says that he kind of snapped on Julie last night when she asked about his accent--"What the fuck is wrong with the way I talk" and advised him to relax next time and don't assume that Julie Chen is attacking him.
Britney:  Take it as a joke!

Enzo:  Well, if they had prepped me a little, I could have had a joke ready...I think I have anger issues.  But admitting it is the first step.

He feels great and just needs to "drop a bomb" and then he is ready to compete.

The Show Goes On

at the sink as Rachel jockeys for Kristin's camera time at the sink.
And now she does it again, asking/telling Kristin to step aside and let her fill up the ice trays.  Kristin is like a maid now, avoiding eye contact and scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing.

And Rachel DOES IT AGAIN to fill up a water glass.  Seriously, she's drinking tap water?  Don't they have a water cooler in there?
I am liking the new, combative Rachel.

Breakfast Burritos,

Brendon's concoction turns out to be.
Enzo is thrilled to have a good night's sleep, and is eating turkey bacon standing up and is excited to drink coffee.

Ragan only slept for 4 hours but it was a good sound sleep and he feels great.  He doesn't like onions, so he opts out of Brendon's burritos and has some cereal instead.
They were joking earlier about what the prizes and punishments will be today in the competition.

Ragan:  We will have to see a movie starring Katherine Heigel and her twin sister, called Twin Love!

They joke that the winner will get a new car, and the loser will see footage of their car at home being repossesed.  They also joked about Matt having to wear a tampon costume.

Rachel:  Was that, like, the most intense live show ever?

Ragan remembers seeing flashbacks of what happened during the vote in previous seasons (i.e. the HG arguing on the couches), but can't remember a show like this.  He mentions arguments after the HOH competition (like Evel Dick and Jameka, maybe?) but never a combo of fights like they had.

Brendon offers Kristen breakfast but she says "I'm good..thank you!" and goes to the sink.  Rachel asks Brendon to refill her coffee and Silk milk.

Slight bit of tension in there now.....which Rachel combats by tossing her hair around.

Brendon Starts Cooking Again

now that he can eat it, too.  Looks like he is making an omelette or a fritatta.  Rachel pours them both coffee (hers is iced) and goes back up the HOH.

Lane Comes Clean

and is one of the first ones up. BB told them to "start getting ready". 

Flashback From Last Night - Part VII

They decide to save the "champagne" for tomorrow.  (Matt's 30th birthday is Saturday.) 

Rachel:  Everyone upstairs is allowed to have some---the people downstairs, no..

And who is downstairs, pray tell?  One guess:
Lots of teary eyerolling, including big sighs, you name it.  She finally hauls herself up and goes into the deserted bathroom, to the WC.
You can still hear Rachel's jubilant voice talking about Spice World and her plans for the next day.  Back to the Cabana Room.