Sunday, June 27, 2010

WeLoveBigBrother Scores

with a visit to the new BB12 house on Media Day.  True to form, the producers lock down detailed information every year, only allowing the reporters to speak at length about what they saw, and what they did until just before the season kicks off.

In fact, this Wednesday is the day that everyone can start officially yakking it up about Media Day, and to post pictures of this season's set.

Superfan Matt Maynard, who is one of the writers behind  was one of the chosen reporters who got to go into the house and compete in challenges.

Lucky Matt!

Here is the link to the story in Matt's local newspaper.  Matt looks kind of exotic, doesn't he? 


  1. Cool! What do you mean exotic?

  2. Hi Connie:

    Kind of a cross between Ryan Phillipe and someone I can't place......

    People always think that BB fans are trolls who live in their parents' basements, but some of us are pretty cute.

    If I do say so myself.....


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