Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are the Rumors About Jeff Schroeder True?

Why yes, they are.

Jeff has a new job---he is host of a show called Around the World For Free, which is affiliated with CBS.  Here is the link to the CBS website for the show.

Let me Break it Down:

1.  Jeff will leave NYC in his quest to travel around the world in 100 days with no money or plan of action.

2.  Viewers and online participants will be guiding Jeff on his journey with transportation, lodging, meals, and adventures.  (Needless to say, Jeff can stay at my house.)

3.  It looks like you can sign up for access and then you can communicate with Jeff online and be aware of his every move.

4.  There is speculation that this online show will tie in with the UK version of Big Brother this summer, as well as the Amazing Race and probably as many other CBS-affiliated properties that they can think of.

There are two videos posted at the link right now that feature our Jeff.  He has obviously had some media training since we last saw him, and maybe even some assistance with toning down that Chicago accent.  If this show goes well (and how could it not?) I think Jeff will find other hosting opportunities falling at his feet.

You know, it is so strange.  I watched the feeds last year and heard Jeff say several times that he would love to host "some sort of travel show".  Obviously, fate heard him.

And yes, Jeff is still a looker.

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