Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And Off We Go....

with a new season of our guilty summer pleasure.  On the CBS Early Show today, the houseguests were introduced to America.

Here is the link to the CBS website where you can meet each one of them, and learn a little more about them.

I haven't had the chance yet today to really study each one of them.  I'm actually trying to crank out a lot of work related to my day job so I can indulge in BB next week with abandon.  I have to Make the Donuts, so to speak.

First Impressions of the HG:

1.  I don't see much color in the house.

2.  Once again, there are plenty of fake boobs on set.

3.  There seem to be a few smarties in the cast, and on the Early Show they indicated that they were planning on hiding that from the other HG.  If they really are smart, they will figure out a way to do that.  But let's just say I'm an experienced BB watcher, and I don't expect this to stay a secret for long.

4.  The Gay Professor apparently has quite a career going, including a Sirius radio show.  He seems extremely irritating, so I hope for his sake that is his "Diary Room" character, and not his "Everyday" personality.  Some of the best BB characters acted one way in the house, and then really let it rip in the Diary Room.  Like Dr. Will, and Danielle BB3.  That makes for good TV.

5.  Who is the Saboteur?  That person isn't there for the $500K prize, but will win stuff based on how long they get away with acting up.  At least, that is what Grodner & Company are saying now......

More to come later, as the dirt comes out.. (I love this part of the season---the anticipation is so fun.)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sabotage is the New Twist!

and I kind of like the sound of HG will be secretly named as The Saboteur, and their goal will be to wreak havoc on the house, based on OUR INSTRUCTIONS!

I hope I like The Saboteur better than I liked Eric from BB8.  If you don't remember, Eric was the America's Choice player.

Apparently we will learn the identity of The Saboteur on the first live eviction show, on July 15th.

I'll bet we will all figure it out before then, but that is just an educated live feed viewer guess.  Here is the link with more info.

If nothing else, maybe I will learn to spell 'saboteur' this summer.

BIG NEWS tomorrow.  If you consider learning who the HG are, that is!!  I can't wait!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

WeLoveBigBrother Scores

with a visit to the new BB12 house on Media Day.  True to form, the producers lock down detailed information every year, only allowing the reporters to speak at length about what they saw, and what they did until just before the season kicks off.

In fact, this Wednesday is the day that everyone can start officially yakking it up about Media Day, and to post pictures of this season's set.

Superfan Matt Maynard, who is one of the writers behind  was one of the chosen reporters who got to go into the house and compete in challenges.

Lucky Matt!

Here is the link to the story in Matt's local newspaper.  Matt looks kind of exotic, doesn't he? 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ready to Go to Summer Camp?

"Media Day" was last week, when the BB producers have an open house with a carefully-selected group of reporters.  I'm not sure what sort of confidentiality agreement exists in advance of this, but as you might expect, news about the house is starting to leak out.

(This is actually one of my favorite parts of the season---when the excitement builds and the fans analyze every bit of advance information.)

This year's house will have a summer camp theme, and it sounds like there will be some interesting twists and turns this year.  The following is an excerpt from what was posted on BBDish.  My favorite tidbits include the tarantula in the HOH room (!), the 'Zoltar' fortune-telling machine in the HOH, and the coffin in the old workout room (!!).  WTF, Alison?

Please enjoy and savor the anticipation!

* As expected, the BB12 house is decorated with mostly a beach/summer camp theme. One of the walls has been taken down and there are now only two bedrooms (LIKE BB6) (not counting HOH).

* The small bedroom looks like a beach with various size sandcastles (fake) and beach balls. There's a really pretty ocean mural painted on the wall with reeds running along it which makes it look very realistic. Two of the beds are beach lounge chairs and two of the beds are simply beach towels. In this room, there are no mattresses.

* The big bedroom looks like a summer camp cabin. There are bunk beds along the wall and a big sleeping bag on the floor which fits more than one person. A giant (fake) moose head hangs from the wall. The dressers are adorned with lanterns and other cabin-esque accents.

* In the living room, there's a big screen behind the couches and nomination chairs that plays a continuous loop of crashing waves. Fake palm trees stand on each side of it. The carpet is shag and sandy colored. The wall opposite the nomination chairs is decorated with an ocean sunset mural which is gorgeous. The whole room looks like a tropical paradise.

* There's a large fish tank between the living room and the kitchen with really exotic looking fish inside. It's the first thing you see when you walk into the house.

* The kitchen looks like a cabin. There's a big round picnic table in the corner. Glossy wood paneling covers the walls which lends to the summer camp cabin theme. The floors are hardwood. The memory wall is made of glossy wood paneling as well and it's designed to look like big (plastic) ladybugs are crawling all over it. Really cute.

* The bathroom is really pretty. The walls are shiny and metallic and decorated with different shades of blue and the floor looks like sand (fake though). The seashell sinks are designed to look like they're floating in mid air. Big blue lava lamps hang on the wall on each side of the mirror. The bathroom gives off an "under the sea" vibe.

* The diary room looks the same as last year except the background is lit red instead of blue.

* The hallway to the HOH room is also beach themed, but instead of the usual couch/chess set on the upstairs landing, there's now a mini gazebo.

* The HOH room is bizarre. It's sort of a creepy carnival theme which doesn't fit with the rest of the house at all. In one corner, there's a fortune telling arcade machine. In another corner, there's a tank with a giant (and I mean GIANT) tarantula inside. Along the walls are funhouse mirrors which make you look taller/shorter/fatter/skinnier as you walk past them.

* The backyard has a volleyball net but there are no volleyballs. Just beach balls. The pool table is gone and a foosball table has taken is place.

* The "green" room (formerly the spa/workout room) is perhaps the most bizarre room we've ever seen in all twelve seasons of Big Brother. It's decorated to look like a funeral parlor. In the middle of the room is a big white casket with an open lid. Behind the casket is a large frame that says "rest in peace" with a space for someone's picture in the middle. The casket is surrounded by funeral bouquets. With the exception of a small table in the corner and a candy dish, there is nothing else in this room. The walls are plain white with minimal decor.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are the Rumors About Jeff Schroeder True?

Why yes, they are.

Jeff has a new job---he is host of a show called Around the World For Free, which is affiliated with CBS.  Here is the link to the CBS website for the show.

Let me Break it Down:

1.  Jeff will leave NYC in his quest to travel around the world in 100 days with no money or plan of action.

2.  Viewers and online participants will be guiding Jeff on his journey with transportation, lodging, meals, and adventures.  (Needless to say, Jeff can stay at my house.)

3.  It looks like you can sign up for access and then you can communicate with Jeff online and be aware of his every move.

4.  There is speculation that this online show will tie in with the UK version of Big Brother this summer, as well as the Amazing Race and probably as many other CBS-affiliated properties that they can think of.

There are two videos posted at the link right now that feature our Jeff.  He has obviously had some media training since we last saw him, and maybe even some assistance with toning down that Chicago accent.  If this show goes well (and how could it not?) I think Jeff will find other hosting opportunities falling at his feet.

You know, it is so strange.  I watched the feeds last year and heard Jeff say several times that he would love to host "some sort of travel show".  Obviously, fate heard him.

And yes, Jeff is still a looker.

While We Wait.......

I found an interesting article with Jun Song, who won BB4.  This article focuses on her experiences being chosen as a Houseguest, and some details on the sequester process.  Instead of prison, Jun compares the process to being a hostage. 

Ha, some old Jun.  Great sense of humor, very intelligent, and very cocky.

Here is the link.  Enjoy and thanks to TV Grapevine.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Big Brother USA Returns in 25 Days!

And the word on the street is that the finalists have all been chosen.   If prior seasons predict this year's process, the finalists will be sequestered in a few hotels scattered across Southern California in the next few weeks.

The producers always lock down a few alternates, just in case.  Several years ago, one of the Finalists thought he could try and call his girlfriend while he was on Lockdown, but he got caught and they tossed his ass out of there.  Just as in real life, some New Hires just don't work out.

Each season the HG all start talking about their time in sequester, usually sitting around the pool when boredom sets in.  Although BB always promptly yells at them to "Stop that!", we still learn enough about the process to get a picture of how it goes.  Here are a few tidbits that I have heard straight from the HG's mouth.

1.  Each HG is assigned a 'minder'.  I don't know if the minders mind more than one HG, but each HG knows who they can call if they have a question or need anything.  The minders escort them around the premises and to meetings and interviews.

2.  They each have a daily stipend they can spend, and they all order room service and eat alone in their rooms most of the time.  Some of the past HG feel like they have to order the cheapest room service items, and are usually kind of pissed when they find out the other HG ordered steak, wine, and desserts.

3.  Not everyone is treated the same way.  Some of the HG have balconies, but most don't.  Some have a view of the parking lot and the dumpster, and others can see civilization and other hotel guests.  This can cause bad blood and the feeling that "Big Brother isn't fair!". 

4.  The sequestered HG have allotted times when they can visit the hotel gym and the pool.  They often see other HG during these brief outings, as evidenced by the fact that they other HG also have minders and aren't allowed to speak to strangers.  (I used to travel 45 weeks a year on business and trust me, you find yourself striking up conversations with other travelers constantly, so it is weird not to do so.  If you were Beyonce at the Setai in Miami, you wouldn't want to talk to anybody, but let's face it, we're talking the Hollywood Sheraton or Hilton here.  Normal people stay there.)

5.  They watch a lot of in room movies in sequester.  I haven't heard them talking about watching porn, so maybe that feature is disabled, but they all watch the movies.  Sometimes over and over and over.  They also are furnished with a DVD player and a few seasons of BB to watch.   Season 6 seems to be a popular season for them to watch---probably due to the fighting, scheming and twists and turns.  At least one of the HG always says that they never watched the show before their time in sequester.  I usually think this is a Big Fat Lie, but Jordan Lloyd was one of those people last year.  And it was readily apparent that she had no clue what she was doing.   So I do believe Jordan about that.

6.  Sometimes they all ride in the same van to interviews or other official outings, but are expected to sit there quietly and are not allowed to communicate with the other potential HG.  They are all threatened with expulsion if they screw up.  Once in the house, they always mentions the HG who 'got away'.  Some they all remember as hot porn star-type chicks, rapper types, guidos, etc.  Stereotypes that they all remember.

(This sounds suspiciously like prison doesn't it?  I picture all of them riding silently, sweating with shackles on.)

7.  New thought:  I wouldn't be surprised if they have a Jersey Shore type on the show, since guidos are in vogue right now.  And tacky sells, people.  Personally I think having The Situation on hand every day might make for an entertaining show.  He could cook and do GTL to his heart's content.  But I digress...

That is all I can think of now.  There has been no official word from CBS that the live feeds will be offered, but this is a common occurrence at this point.  By July 1st all of the details should be announced.  I visited the BB Reloader site today and saw a message that they don't plan to be back this year for BB12.  If that is true, that sucks.  I loved BB Reloader and hope another software provider steps up to the plate this year to fill that important role.

I am going to try activating the comments section this year.  I hope a bunch of jackasses don't ruin that decision.