Monday, September 28, 2009

What's Up with America's Sweethearts?

OK. Big Brother is over for 2009. But the fans are still clamouring for more, more, and more about what is going on with the former houseguests. While I wean myself from the daily chores of watching live feeds and catching up with my favorite BB websites, I have also been watching exclusive content offered by Real Networks for those of us with Superpass.

I plan to cancel my membership before I am charged for another quarter, but in the meantime I can still enjoy what is out there for the taking. Or listening...whatever.

I have discovered that Chelsia Hart (BB9) has recovered nicely from her turn with Crazy James and hosted a weekly show on Real to discuss the show. She also conducted a slew of interviews after the season was over, and also travels around (usually to Seattle) to conduct live shows where fans join to listen to her thoughts on the season with other BB luminaries like Nick (BB8) and Eric (BB8). I have listened/watched to these interviews and a few of the archived weekly shows while I work at home and have some information you might be interested in.

1. During the season, Chelsia, Nick and Eric hosted an event in a theater where fans gathered to watch the episode where Chima is escorted out of the house ("No need to sit down...") as it aired live on TV. Eric stated that it was extremely rare for Allison Grodner to speak to the houseguests or to otherwise interrupt production.

Eric: The only other time I am aware that this happened was in your season, Chelsia.

Chelsia: Yes, she came on and said that Neal was leaving for (***airquotes***) 'family reasons'.

Eric: ...which we now know is not true....

Hmmm. So Neal's exit was fishy, wasn't it? I guess he just wanted to get the hell out of there. Or maybe Josh was driving him crazy? Maybe both...

2. During this event Eric also stated numerous times, vehemently, that there was no way in hell that Jordan would ever win BB11. Now, I don't have any problem with that statement, but if you follow what has happened since the season wrapped, the same Eric is now claiming that he predicted this, and that he 'was right'.

Get on with your life Eric. Please.

3. And America's Sweethearts? I have to say that after Jeff neglected to kiss Jordan when he was evicted, and after Jordan virtually bitch slapped him after she emerged victoriously from the house on live TV, I have been surprised by the latest turn of events.

They are now 'together'. Whatever that means. Jordan is saying that she was in shock when she came out of there, and I think Jeff was kind of shocked at the reception he has gotten from the public. He had to know that America liked him---with the Coup D'Etat vote and the America's Favorite prize. But I think what has happened has shocked them both.

They can't walk two feet without being asked about their relationship, or the trip to Hawaii.

They just taped a tiny role on the Bold and the Beautiful which will air October 27th, according to Jordan. Here is an interview taped backstage on the set. And check out that hair on Jordan.

Are you surprised at how Jeff kind of takes a backseat to her? And she does all the talking? I was...

4. Last Thursday Chelsia hosted a live show in Seattle with Jeff and Jordan as the special guests. Once again I was quite taken back by Jordan's ability to speak onstage and communicate with the audience. I watched her on the feeds for over 60 days and never saw any of this.

When Chelsia asks them questions as a couple, it is Jordan who answers first, and Jeff never even got a chance a couple of times. And when someone brings up something she deems kind of obscure, she asks the audience if "ya'll saw that?" before answering.

I'm not saying that Jordan was running a Dumb Game on us during the season, but maybe she has gotten some media training and an agent since the season finale.

Anyway, they both stated that they are a couple, although Jordan was the one who came out and said it, explaining that Jeff was shy about it. They are both good onstage, and at one point Jeff tells Chelsia that he would love to try 'hosting' in the future.

Uh oh Chelsia. Watch your back girl.

Jeff is flying to Charlotte to visit Jordan this weekend, I think, and then Jordan is flying to Chicago to see him a week or so afterwards.

Is it genuine? I think their newfound media savvy is genuine, and if rumors are true they have been invited to appear on the next season of The Amazing Race. I think the season starts taping soon, so maybe this is the reason why the Hawaii trip has been placed on the back burner (see interview link above) and they have other destinations in mind.

I hope both of them caught the TAR season premiere last night so they have an idea what they will be getting into. Jordan hadn't even seen Big Brother until the casting process started, and had to borrow a laptop to watch some old episodes while she was going throught the process. (She was 'spotted' working at Hooter's and approached for the show in that manner.)

Do they know who Rob and Ambah are? If not, somebody better tell

5. Natalie hightailed it back to Arizona when the season ended and didn't get her ticket booked in time to go to Las Vegas with the rest of the cast after the season ended. There was apparently a charity event there where the reality stars invited to attend would get their rooms and food comped to make appearances. Fans bought tickets to events which was supposed to be donated to the charities.

I didn't try to watch this live on Real, but I did try to watch some archived footage and it was one hot mess. Poor production values and a big lack of what was needed along the lines of security and event planning. From what I gather, Zach (BB8) had a hand in organizing the event, and I don't think the whole mess is going to improve his popularity with the BB crowd.

At one point there was no one on hand to conduct interviews so Chelsia had to deputize a fairly-buzzed James Rhine (BB6 and AllStars) to speak to a few people on camera until she could get there. Jessie apparently pitched a hissy fit and had to be begged to do an on-camera interview with Real. (Wahhh...he didn't want to sign a release...)

Most of the Real interviews were incrediby staged and appeared to be a big fat commercial for keeping your Superpass subscription all year, instead of just at BB time.

And a male former HG apparently got up in Jessie's face and told him what a douche he is....I think it was either Zach himself or maybe Mike Boogie. Jessie said as much about Mike Boogie in his interview, but maybe it was because Mike dissed him during his appearance on the live Thursday night BB show.

6. Howie (BB6 and AllStars) approached Jordan in Vegas and apparently made some typcial comments to her about her tits or something. She took offense (as well she should) and someone had to tell her that he was a former houseguest. Because she barely watched the show at all before appearing....

7. Adam (BB9) got thrown out of the hotel for some undisclosed reason. I can only imagine. What a train wreck he was. Woudn't he have blown (***sniff sniff sniff***) through his prize money by now?

8. And who is a more hated BB winner---Adam or Maggie (BB6)?

9. Maggie didn't appear in Vegas (that I could see) but I did see April (BB6), aka Busto and she did look great. I heard her threaten a fan (jokingly) who called her that at the event.

10. And apparently an unnamed person (could be a BB HG or just a civilian) went over to the unmanned Real camera setup at one point in the party and said something mean and derogatory to the audience and turned off the camera! Ha ha. Chelsia had to apologize for it on air during her next weekly chat.

That's not going to help the fans keep their Superpass apres season, and Chelsia knows it. Chelsia is fighting to keep that job.

11. According to Chelsia, Lydia seems really jealous of all the attention Jeff and Jordan are receiving, and wishes Jessie felt as strongly about her as she feels about him. Jessie and Lydia went to Disneyland together recently and documented their 'date' for their twitter and websites.

Lydia's Captian Unitard costume was on Ebay---don't know what she eventually got for that show prop.