Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ross Matthews is Loose in the Backyard

and it sounds like he is going to have a whole mess of new shows next week with all of the interview content that he got.

In this clip he just gets all the HG to give Jordan congratulations. Braden did a great job with this, as did Casey and Michelle. Ross is still flirting his ass off with Jeff. I guess I would be disappointed if he wasn't.

I love Ross's enthusiasm and zest for life. He is grateful for his good fortune and is able to laugh at himself. Good qualities for anyone.

Evel Dick Meets Wholesome Jordan

Here is the link to Jordan's interview with Evel Dick in the backyard after the finale. Clearly this is the end of the night and the place is almost empty.

The interview was unremarkable, but something interesting happens in the end---Jordan is whisked away to take some pictures with Natalie and Kevin and we get to see that process, and a few of the suits who stand around and watch.

I'll bet the three of those kids were dying to get out of there.

Evel Dick Gets Jeff

This is the link to Evel Dick's interview with Jeff Schroeder after the BB11 finale. It's long and rambling, and hard to hear sometimes, and ED is downright annoying most of the time, so you've been warned.

A few comments:

1. Evel Dick has no comprehension of how to use a microphone during an interview. He never sems to have it in the right place at the right time (i.e. see 'hard to hear' comment above).

2. Evel Dick just can't stop talking about himself. It is all about him, but at some point they ended up having a decent conversation and maybe Jeff enjoyed the break.

3. Dick confirmed that as the winner Jordan will not be allowed to go anywhere tonight, and will stay in a hotel room with security and plain clothed police officers next door, and she will not be allowed to close the door. (WHY???) Dick told Jeff that he warned them not to come in his room for awhile so he could masturbate. Jeff had a good laugh.

4. Dick pointed out the shed in the BY for the pool supplies. It used to be much bigger until it became the 'Jack Shack' during BB All Stars. (Howie.....)

5. When people come out of the house they talk to three different people---an accountant, a psychologist, and someone else---maybe the producers. They make them all understand that they have to pay taxes on their earnings and I think they even have to sign something stating that they understand it. (Let's just call that the Richard Hatch effect.)

6. Evel said that in BB5 the HG broke out into the Happy Birthday song on someone's eviction date and CBS got fined $25,000. That's why they are so diligent about the "Stop Singing" stuff.

7. Evel didn't ask Jeff about his plans with Jordan. Evel knows better. (As Kevin says, "Jordeff will never happen.")

8. Jen Johnson (BB8) walks by off camera at one time and tells both of them that she and Nick broke up the week after this season started. (Nick from BB8)

9. Dick tells Jeff that he will receive a DHL overnight envelope at his house, or at his Mom's house next week with his check. CBS put both Dick and Danielle's checks together in one envelope and DHL left it on his Mom's porch since she wasn't home----$550,000!

So watch the clip if you have the time and the patience. Did Dick stop smoking? I don't think I've ever seen him go this long without a smoke---it seems like interviewing Jeff would have been a perfect chance to share a Marlboro.

Why Does Jordan Need the Money?

Well, everybody needs money, but if you watched the post show interviews that I've posted here, several of the houseguests say that Jordan's family really needed the money.

Here is a link to an earlier post where I described a conversation that Jordan had in the house about her situation.

It's kind of sad. I'm happy for her mother that Jordan won---she's had it rough.

Ross Matthews Roundtable - Part #2

And finally, here is Part #2 of Ross Matthew's interview with former stars of Big Brother, filmed last Thursday after the live show.

Better late than never, I guess. It would have been nice to post it yesterday, before the Finale, but I didn't see it so it didn't happen.

Did you see Mike Boogie sitting next to Danielle during the finale?

Danielle obviously thinks she has a future doing impressions of people. I don't think so Danielle.

Janelle goes off on Natalie and calls her skanky! She is a riot. And a microphone hog. But why is there only one microphone? She gets bleeped, too!

Keesha knows her place and keeps her mouth shut.

Incidently, Dr. Will posted somewhere that he and Dan (BB10) were both invited to appear on the show last Thursday night (the CBS show, not the Inside Dish) but they talked about it and decided that it would be too scripted and awkward. I guess CBS wanted to have all former winners on the panel (since Mike Boogie and Evel Dick were there, too).

Jordan and Jeff on The Early Show

This is the Early Show clip covering Jordan's win. I think this is the first time that the second place winner hasn't been featured on The Early Show.

Jordan really has a delightful personality. Julie has the balls to ask her if there is going to be 'booger' after the show with Jeff!

Julie Chen's Post Finale Interview

filmed just after the finale with Jordan, Jeff, Kevin and Natalie. This segment contains Julie's interviews with Natalie and Kevin. Jeff and Jordan are basically just sitting there and probably are interviewed exclusively for the Early Show.

I couldn't find a direct link to CBS, so this link is from Jokers'. Natalie is still spewing lies nonstop with her motormouth and is now claiming that she always knew she wouldn't have Jessie's vote.

(Since when??)

The camera cuts to Natalie's fiance several times for his reaction. I think Julie wanted to slap her several times, but that is just my opinion. Julie even made her apologize to her finance for her reaction to the proposal.

Nataie is delusional---she thinks CBS might pay for her wedding as the first Big Brother Wedding.

Kevin was gracious about his loss and handled his questions about being gay very well. Julie mentioned how sassy he was in the Diary Room, and how different his persona was inside the house.

Excerpt from the Finale

This is just a clip from the live show last night when Ronnie, Laura, Casey and Braden were introduced to the crowd.

I know we all saw this last night, but this is good because Ronnie calls out Natalie's lies. Kevin's reaction shot is great. And Julie has to cut Ronnie off, because I think he could have talked all night.

And then we see Kevin call Jeff an idiot in the Diary Room.

A lot of people online think that Braden was really high during this appearance, but I'm not sure. Braden always cultivated the Stoned Surfer vibe, so I didn't see much difference tonight. I think people just forgot what he was like.

It's funny when Braden called Jessie a pimp and a playa. Ha ha.

Boy the web commercials are really good--I have to say that. Most of them are really watchable and the music is great in this one.

Ronnie Talbot's Backyard Interview

Here is Ronnie Talbot's backyard interview after the finale of BB11. He is very happy that Jordan won.

I've heard enough from Ronnie for awhile. Nuff said.

Lydia's Backyard Interview

Here is Lydia's backyard interview after the finale of BB11. I wish she had gone a little more glamorous, rather than the 'oddball greaser' look.

Sounds like she loved the Jury House, with all those hot guys in there. And she definitely thinks she has a future with Jessie.

(Did you know her family owns a few Gold's Gyms in California? That could really help Jessie out, couldn't it? Maybe do some marketing for them?)

Michele's Backyard Interview

Here is Michele Noonan's backyard interview after the finale of BB11. She gives a good interview and conducts herself with dignity.

Like Jessie, her interview is a little manic---lots of energy.

I like Michele, but for the life of me I can't figure out what is wrong with her hair. She always loks like she has been camping for a few days.

Jessie's Backyard Interview

Here is Jessie Godderz's backyard interview after the finale. His behavior is.......strange. Let's just say that.

At least he was fairly direct and verbal, and didn't regress into his weird falsetto. And, he didn't do any posing. (They must have edited that out.) And he keeps talking about how when he saw Jeff in the Jury House, it was 'beautiful'.

He should have kept the facial hair. Just my opinion.

Russell's Backyard Interview

This is Russell's interview from the backyard after the BB11 season finale.

Hint: Russell ain't really happy with the way things worked out. I can't say I blame him--what he says is true.

He's good on camera and should see some opportunities out of this. Michele walks by in the background.

Jeff's Backyard Interview

This is Jeff being interviewed in the backyard after the finale. They edited it to splice some things together. And they put a lot of props from the season in the backyard for visual interest.

Jeff handled it well and America should feel good about voting for him to win the money.

(I even like the Breyer's commercial you have to watch first, to get to Jeff.)

Oh Shit. Ronnie's Here.

and he holds the mic while Dick walks away to get a drink of water.

Ronnie admits to playing too hard too fast. Like Brian (BB10) and Joe (BB8), according to Dick.

Ronnie looks like he swallowed the canary and this is the pinnacle of his entire existence.

(66,000 people in the room right now!)

Dick is always surprised that people get on the show who aren't fans of the show. Ronnie says that it took him a week to digest the fact that he was on BB and to calm down.

They discuss Chima's inflated HOH attitude. Ronnie humbly admits that he could have acted in a more humble manner.

Dick: What's the high point for you?

Ronnie: I know it sounds stupid, but when we first got called to go into the house. And then when I got evicted, and went home and had hundreds of messages that I got robbed because I was really the one playing hard in there.

He mentions that Casey told him that the minnows swam by while the sharks were battling it out. Ronnie wonders if Jordan threw the whole thing, and just pretended to lose.

Dick points out that whoever says that "this is my house" is destined to leave. Like Jase and Jeff, and also Ronnie. Ronnie is remorseful about that.

OMG. Fucking Braden. Who Leads to Michelle...

And he is obviously wasted.

And now Michelle! And Dick tells her that she looks really hot. Braden left and she gets her own minute with Dick. He compliments her game play.

Her blue eyes are fake---they are really brown, she tells him.

Michelle says it took her awhile to open up to people and Dick mentions her social awkwardness, etc. Dick thinks that's why BB put her in there, and that everyone said that they couldn't get in her head.

(Let me just say that Dick is still wearing a Suicidal Tendencies camp shirt.)

Dick gives a shout out to Jokers and Morty's (whatever that is).

Dick: What is your highlight? And lowlight?

Michelle: When money fell from the sky--this was fantasy was amazing. When she was lied to with the story from Kevin she was grinding her teeth and couldn't believe it.

One of her best times is when she held on during the swinging challenge with the diploma slapping her---she was proud to hang on with the boys. Dick doesn't mention how she flashed her junk at the end of the competition.